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I am having my 1st ablation in 3 weeks time, I was told by the doctor at the hospital that I

would be awake during the procedure but under sedation. My question is will I remember

any of it and what happens If I need the toilet during and after the ablation.And can my

husband be with me while i have to lie still for a long time after. I'm sorry for the stupid

questions but i'm rather worried about it and then again can't wait to be sorted and off the

amiodarone. Thank you all this forum is great


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I had my ablation 3 weeks ago, there was no pain, and all i remember is seeing the ceiling just before the end, and then going back to sleep. It was 4.5 hours long but seemed like 4.5 minutes. I was very scared before the procedure, but am really glad i had it done. I was also worried about the toilet, but it was fine, i think the sedation must work on everything :).

I felt a bit drained for a week after, but now im fine & back to normal with no symptoms.



Karen, I have had two ablations and was very anxious before both procedures, I think the worse thing about both was my anxiety I got myself in such a state, I have improved with both, had a very poor quality of life beforehand, I do hope all goes well for youxx Beth


I had my Ablation Procedure in August last year. Very tense and anxious for weeks before, but the 5 hours passed quickly. I also only remember the least few seconds, watching the ceiling, and then being awake in the ward, feeling well enough to text my daughters 3 hours later. The best news was that I no longer required to take Amiodarone. Life has been great since. Derek75.


Hi Derek75

Thank you so much for your reply, I feel a lot better now. karen


Had mine on Friday but had a general anaesthetic. Came round needing to pee and they stuck bedpan under me! Lying still for the 4 hours after the procedure was quite hard too . Stayed overnight and now home and resting with heart behaving well so fingers crossed for good recovery.Good luck with yours - where are you having it done?



I am having the ablation at birmingham queen Elizabeth on 26 july.

goodluck with your recovery.


I don't think you will be allowed to have anyone with you.



Hi Karen

Try not to worry about anything - I've had three ablations now and there was really nothing nasty. The staff are well aware you need to pee and will help you. They just won't let you sit up which means it's easier for men (if you see what I mean). I doubt they'll let your husband be in there with you but he'll be waiting when you come round. Some people don't remember anything depending on their reaction to the anaesthetic. I was asleep for mine for the whole time.

If I remember rightly I was glad to be having the ablation the each time as I was so sick of AF and was glad of anything that might do the trick.

All the best



Karen, They may also be doing an EP Study with the ablation. During that procedure they sometimes want you to do things like cough. This procedure (EP Study) can help to identify the exact areas that are causing the problem. Most of the time they will give you the drugs so that you won't feel anything and they also use a drug called Versed which will basically stop you from developing any short term memories. So you will have no memories of anything that happened prior to a minute ago. After the procedure you would not remember anything that happened during it.



Hi Karen I have had 3 ablations and due my 4th soon , there is absolutely nothing to worry about only ever remembered start and finish , no pain but always anxious before which is normal so relax and go with the flow ,

Good luck


Thank you for your great advice. How long did it take you to recover after the ablation I have am taking 2 weeks off work is that enough or am I being silly booking that much time off?


Hi Karen

I'm just recovering from my second ablation. For my first I was off work for just over two weeks. My work mostly involved sitting at a desk. If I'd had a more physical job I don't know if I would have been ready. Saying that, people will probably get better at different rates depending on just how much work they have had done to their heart and I guess how healthy they were before the ablation.

I think you are very wise to have booked two weeks off work. Rest during recovery is so important, don't rush back to your job if you don't feel up to it.

No one on this site is ever going to think you stupid for asking questions, it's natural to want

to know as much as you can about the procedure. Ask away, that's what this forum is all about.


you are all brilliant and kind thank you so much x


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