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AV node ablation 1st April

Hi folks, wishing you all a calm day. Right, first of all I must tell you I have very bad osteoporosis. On the 27 February, my husband had a knee operation, on the 4th March I picked up my chip fryer and moved it to the other part of the kitchen, whoops, a wrenching feeling! On the 9th March I phoned my Dr who phoned for an ambulance, fractured lumbar vertebra, admitted hospital for 15 days. Nurses and Drs at Treliske were wonderful. While being discharged on Tuesday 24th, my husband had a call from Cardiology, could I go i next day, yes he says. Came home for the night, back to Treliske, booked in, went to waiting room and you know that feeling when you think "this is going to be cancelled", I was right. So back home on bed rest.

So tomorrow with a bit of luck I will get it done. Now my query is I am finding it very difficult to lay flat for very long. Dr Alistair Slade, my lovely EP, has been in touch with the hospital Doctor about my condition and says it will not be a problem and he will make me as comfortable as he can. The procedure only takes half and hour but how long do I have to lay flat afterwards? I had a blood sample taken yesterday and when the guy removed the needle, everything was ok, pressure applied, no bleeding whatsoever, he put plaster on, I moved my arm and blood went everywhere. What are the chances of a bleed after procedure? I am on Xarelto I am not at all worried about the procedure itself, but would like reassurance on the after care.

Sorry for the diatribe but am a little concerned that I must not move for a long period of time. Have been trying to lie flat and not move, excruciatingly painful!.

Angel blessings to all.


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I know that problem . Had it after my third ablation but that was for about four hours and we ran the whole gamut of painkillers. I think it is possible to use a collogen plug in the entry wound as my brother in law had this when he had a stent fitted and was up and about very quickly. Why not speak to the EP's secretary and see what may be possible,


PS and good luck tomorrow.


Thank you Bob, I will do that. Hope you are calm and well.



Yes fine thanks just suffering from terminal indolence today. LOL


Hi, Im on Rivaroxoban when I had MRI scan and an injection of a dye of

some kind, bled profusely when it was removed. When I had my ablation

I had no bleeding at all. I have facet joint injections and really am not

comfortable laying flat, but it was not a hard surface and was fairly snug

actually, So may not be as bad as you think, although I realise my problem

isnt as serious as yours.

Good Luck. Shirley.


You are never going to believe this, procedure cancelled because of an emergency! Now re listed for Thursday 2nd April which isn't too bad, fourth time lucky?

Thank you Shirley, facet joint injections sound really painful, hope you are ok and did it work?



Hi all, a Happy Easter to you and a calm one. Had my AV node ablation yesterday, great success. Went in the lab at 2.35, had difficulty getting onto their bed but they were so helpful and caring. Dr Slade made sure my pain was bearable and he began. I was so interested to watch the whole procedure, it was fascinating watching my erratic pulse going from 180-140-190-130 etc and then the buzzing started and I watched my pulse go down to very low then stabilise at 80-90 bpm all in 15 minutes and I didn't feel a thing. We sat for 15 minutes to make sure I stayed in SNR and then he removed the catheters. Back on the ward by 3.30. Bob, I did have a small bleed when they said I could get up but it was soon sorted, job done. No elephants trying to get out of my chest. I wonder why I worried!

Thank you to everyone for all your support.

Angel Blessings.



This all sounds really good! Long may NSR last. Take care and recover speedily.


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