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Adizem XL 120mgs

Hi has anyone taken this drug? I was given it and I am sure it made my symptoms worse in less than 2 weeks! I had to be admitted for the 2nd time in a month for three days with a rate of over 203 in AF. The first time I was not on it. I have now been put on Metoprolol and Fleconide which please god seem to be helping. I came off beta blockers over 2 years ago as I got heart block with them after 2 years being on them but needs must I guess I would rather feel the ectopics and missed beats than the full blown AF! I hate this so much got diagnosed Xmas after 10 years of seeing cardiologists with SVT and so called anxiety! I live in fear does it get better?. Am hopefully getting ablation lucky i pay for private medical lets hope it works, this is awful and I never realised so many people suffer from it. Best wishes to you all.

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The drug you were taking was a form of diltiazem. A calcium channel blocker which is used to slow down the heart. It doesn't look like it was working for you. It's not uncommon to be tried on different meds until they find the one that works for you.

Now you are taking another beta blocker to slow the heart and also Flecainide which is designed to hold the heart in rhythm and basically stop the AF from happening. Those are not 100% but many people find that they reduce the frequency of attacks while the beta blocker will make the attacks that do happen less severe. If the Flecainide does not work they have others that they can try. Keep in mind though that most of these rhythm control drugs have a limited lifespan because as time goes on the attacks get stronger and will require stronger drugs to control it.

Please try to keep yourself as calm as possible. Having gone through your situation for 13 years I know how frustrating and scary it can be. You will get through this and with the help of a good EP get it under control. Trust me... There is life during and after AF.

We are here to help and also just to listen when you need that shoulder.



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