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Hi all

I've got my day time AF down to infrequent 'shudders' but my nights are awful. The second my head hits the pillow it starts and I generally fall asleep when total exhaustion kicks in and wake after 4 hours.

So read up on here and took action last weekend!

Made a sort of pillow "wedge" out of 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 pillow. Looks weird, feels weird...seems to lessen AF!

I'm constantly surprised by what weird and wonderful things seem to affect AF. I drank quite a bit of champagne and other things over Xmas and felt nothing (other than at night, as usual). But a few pillows helps. What an odd thing AF is!

Good health and happiness for 2017 everyone!

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  • If that works seriously consider getting an adjustable be because in the long run it may very well save you from getting neck and back problems.

  • 30° is the best angle I believe. Dunelm sell proper wedge pillows, not the L shape.

  • yes I have found it is needed too

  • The 'complete care shop' also has wedge pillows reduced (cheaper than Dunelm). Also the cover for the Dunelm pillow has poor reviews. Prompted by your post I have just looked into this.

  • Stop drinking

  • Yes, I find more pillows help. I also suggest you try Breathright Nasal strips. HNY!

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