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Should I always seek medical help with chest pain and palpatations?

Ended up in hospital again last bank holiday, tried to have a day out in Oxford and started to have palpatations then chest pains came on went home but ended up in A&E . Dr decided tout me on flecainide 50mg twice a day as well as bisoprosol 75mg. First episode of AF woke me up last night 3am and now have bad chest pain. Don't know what to do for best.

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Sorry to hear of your AF, I have always been told if you get bad chest pains with AF then you should go to A&E, it could be your AF, but it is always better to get it checked. Good luck. Wendy.


Sorry to hear you are having problems. Yes get yourself to A&E to be on the safe side. I always do, better safe than sorry. I know it is a nuisance but important to get checked out just to be sure. Good luck and hope you soon feel well again. Regards Dee.


I think it is really up to the individual and knowing your own body and AF.. I never went to A and E after the first episode as I found that I knew more about me than the doctors in A and E and it just ended up wasting everybody's time. After hours connected to a machine it was a case of go home and make an appointment with your doctor. Since I had access to a specialist nurse that took my priority.

HOWEVER> AF does occasionally present with some chest pain but not always so I would council going to A and E ( or in extremis dialing 999) for any severe chest pain. As I say with more experience (and yes sadly you will get this) you will know when it matters.



I agree totally with BobD and although recently diagnosed, (Feb) I am quickly learning about me and my own AF, but I don't think you can ignore bad chest pain, and you have probably been to A and E by the time you read this. Do let us know how it went.

I do get some chest discomfort during my longer episodes but this resolves very quickly once back in NSR. My GP and I have worked out a rate control strategy which has given me the confidence, so far, to manage my episodes at home, but I am fortunate because my pulse rate stays relatively low compared to others.

Just had an afterthought. My AF has a tendency to start at 2.30 am so I now eat smaller portions for supper, eat early, avoid alcohol and coffee, avoid sleeping on my left side and if things feel irritable actually sleep slightly raised, as I know it doesn't like me being flat. I am sure this has helped. Good luck with your journey. This forum has been a tremendous help to me.


My strategy for controlling AF is the same as Lizzily, with the additional factor of dividing the medication of 5mg bisopropyl into 2 taking 2.5mg 8am and 2.5mg again 8pm.


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