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Post ablation indigestion and chest pain


Apologies for length of this post but I'm just sitting at home worrying ....It's three weeks since my ablation for AF,atrial flutter and I think AVNRT (was spaced out when they told me what they have found and ablated) and apart from being pretty exhausted and a fast/bumpy heart at times, I've been ok. Last couple of days though I've been experiencing really bad indigestion or something like indigestion..... A really sharp, pinching and persistent pain around my rib cage (where your bra goes!) and a sort of uncomfortableness in my central chest area. I wondered if it was Xmas over indulgence, but despite being sensible yesterday, it still came on about 7pm and is with me now. This pain coincides/alternates with sharp stabbing pain in my heart which takes my breath away and makes me wince...... I've convinced myself now that there is something really wrong but don't want to alarm my family by going to A&E . It does pass but comes back...... Anyone else experience anything like this? I did have the occasional angina type pain pre ablation, but never this persistent nor have I suffered with indigestion before no matter how much I scoffed.....Thought my worrying was over :(

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Hi, sorry to hear you have this worrying problem. If I were you I would ring the out of hours duty doctor and ask his advice. My local A+E also have an out of hours GP surgery in their waiting area. I think you should get professional advice, it's really the only thing that will ease your worry. Pain in the heart area should never be ignored. It may only be angina and indigestion but get it checked out please.


rosyG in reply to jeanjeannie50

Agree its best to check Better safe than sorry. Also if you go blood tests can show things up which don't show until 6 hours after incidents so all good reasons to get checked out

Agree with Jean, you should check out chest pain like this.

Might well be nothing to worry about but you need to know.

Take care.



I normally do not think A and E are worth the effort with "normal "AF but any pain should be investigated. You are still a long way from recovered which as I am sure you will have been told takes between three and six months and some pain can be expected but this sounds excessive . Make a call to NHS direct or your out of hours surgery of you want but please make a call. It may be nothing but best to check.


Thanks everyone, that's exactly what I'd say to someone if they asked my advice. Pity I don't take my own advice eh? I just get so fed up with time lost at A&E and how it affects my daughters. I'm at a very busy A&E now so think it might be quite a wait but as you all say, at least it will put my mind at rest. I'll update you all when I've seen someone. Thank you for all your replies.

Hi Mommamia, read your post this morning and hope you are ok.

Thinking of you Mommamia xx

Mommamia in reply to NJ47

Hi all, I'm still here! Had a rocky weekend in hospital but home now and although the discomfort is still there its much less. I've been thoroughly checked over and monitored so feel much less anxious. Heart was a little on the fast side but other wise all tests normal (apart from cholestrol of 6.1!!!) hoping this is a blip although I'm told sotolol can increase lipids??? the cardiologist can't say if it's ablation related for certain but agrees that I didn't have this pain before so it's likely to be inflammation and generally doing too much!!! It has certainly eased with rest, although that might also be due to the fact I'm not worrying anymore! Thank you all for your concern and valued advice as always. Xxxx

Hi Mommamia, what a worrying time you have had. So glad you got it checked it out. As a matter of interest, when is had permanent AF at the end of October, I had chest pains and I rang 111. Well, they were wonderful, asked me all sorts of questions, consulted with a colleague then told me they had rung for an ambulance which arrived just as I put the phone down. I was in hospital 4 days and they thought they had sorted it with medication, it did for 12 days and I have been in permanent AF ever since. Now waiting to see my EP to discuss having an ablation

So, my point is if you are worried about anything, 111 is there to help and they answered very quickly.

All the best for a calmer and healthier 2015. Angel Blessings


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