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First Pluvicto Treatment Today

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Got my fist dose of Pluvicto today, everything went well. My current PSA is 243. Hoping to knock that down. The doctor said 80% of their patients have had 50% or more PSA reduction. I have significant pain so hoping to get relief from that as well.

24 Replies
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Thanks. It helps me to read other people's experiences with treatments too. I don't feel quite so alone. Sometimes this disease can get downright lonely.

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Hello Ed,

I’ve been following along with your progress for a few years now, and I hope this Novartis infusion clears up those mets for you and gives you relief from the pain. How to best say this, just that pain really sucks! Good luck.

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EdBacon in reply to ragnar2020

I was just telling my wife about how chronic pain really changes you. Sometimes I hear people talking and things are going on around me but all I can think of is "How can I get out of this place. How the hell do I get out of here?" It's like everything else just goes away.

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meant to wish you well. We seem to be in the same “boat”. My PSA on Jan 20th 303 - they did prepare me that sometimes it increases with initial treatment as it did with my chemo. I will say I am very fatigued and very weak from loss of muscle mass - my pain is there but not nearly as bad. Sleep a little better. Do you have your 2nd treatment scheduled? Hang in there

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EdBacon in reply to EB6653497

The doctor I had in Nuclear Medicine was very encouraging. He told me they've had very few problems with side effects from any of their patients so far and that the infusion would be fast and easy (10 minutes). He also told me the success rate has been high with PSA reduction and pain relief. They told me that their first patient will be doing number 6 tretament soon so they will have more information for me next time I'm in.

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Glad this day you have been waiting for with pain in the background has come. I'm rooting for ya. Hope you get some relief soon.

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EdBacon in reply to CAMPSOUPS

Thanks. I'm so glad this treatment is available. It's kind of the last resort for many of us. Really hoping that it works for me.

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ragnar2020 in reply to EdBacon

It isn’t the last resort. There’s DIY BAT with tE2 gel and overseas T if your MO won’t help. There’s guys doing DIY.

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Wishing you the best. Appreciate your updates.

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Wishing you all the best with the new treatment! Where are you undergoing this treatment? Canada is so far behind on having Pluvicto accessible. We will likely have to travel out of the country eventually to get this treatment.

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I hope it works as advertised. Keep sending reports!

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I pray that it works, how are the side effects and what precautions you have to take,

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I've always appreciated your posts and comments... know that I'm praying for you brother... 🙏👍

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God bless and good luck. Hoping for a blessed outcome !!

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My Best to you Brother💙Hoping for a wonderful outcome and a significant reduction in pain.

MO said he's reserving Pluvicto in my Quiver for use later

Fight on


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Hope everything goes well.

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Hoping this treatment works and takes away all your pain! 🙏

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Wishing you all the best Ed, you're now in battle mode... warrior!

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Wishing you well!

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Ed I start next Thursday and your note has me stoked. Thanks for the MO motivation.

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KocoPr in reply to Bobcat64

hope things go well for both you and Ed

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All best wishes for a successful result, Ed.

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Happy to hear this long awaired advanced treatment is reaching the front line and you are receiving it. Best of luck Ed. Paul

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Quick update: I got dressed and I ate something significant too. Seems like there's been a small reduction in pain. This is actually a lot of progress for me.

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