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Statins and ADT

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Are there statins that extend mortality if taken with ADT in advanced metastatic pica?

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Not that anyone knows of. All data is retrospective and not worth the paper it is printed on to patients.


Inflammation and PSA have been known to run together. Climbing PSA, you many times find climbing Inflammation in Blood Tests. And the reverse appears equally so. So less inflammation is good for the body. Anything good for the body is a plus for your overall health.But, there is no evidence that Statins will extend your Mortality.

There are a number of articles/papers--->Statins and Pca at Pub Med. If you can, and have the time try to read a few.


Thanks for taking the time. Hoping statins become one of many possible metabolic blockers.

There are dozens of research articles available about statins and PCa. Statins delay progression by slowing epithelial mesenchymal transition which is first step in formation of mets. Some studies say that statins can delay castration resistance. If some one has high cholesterol and Pca then statins are very useful for both heart and prostate. Dr Myers has been a proponent of statin use and so has been Dr Mark Sholtz.

Thanks. I'd like to add to a long list of supplements that I hope will inhibit cancer stem metabolism. Looking for the right one and then an Rx to get it.

I was taking statins until now, but I stopped just now. I want to take a drug holiday. I will see how will it go. I want to see my real PSA and statins can reduce it. I am hoping that I will feel better without unnecessary medication. I will monitor my cholesterol levels. Hope they will stay in a normal range.

Correlation or causation or a healthy user bias (more visits to doctor and monitoring blood parameters more frequently)? My PCP and my urologist feel that statins might be beneficial for PCa.

Speculation that statins lower intracellular testosterone:

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My medical oncologist also said that statins lower not just the PSA, but also the cancer. It removes by the cancer horded cholesterol so the cancer will not have a fuel to produce testosterone when it mutates to independently produce testosterone from by the PC accomulayted cholesterol.

I do have an MO and have not asked for a statin Rx. I doubt I need it for cholesterol but I want a stem cell metabolic blocker (one of many). I hope he has an open mind.

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Seasid in reply to smurtaw

Why don't you have a MO? We all here believe that we should have one. Urologists are surgeons. You should move to the medical oncologist as soon as possible.

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smurtaw in reply to Seasid

I have an MO. I haven't talked to him about this.

Good info that your MO also thinks statins are beneficial. Thanks.

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Seasid in reply to smurtaw

My first medical oncologist professor Epstein thought that statins are not proven. But my current medical oncologist professor Joshua thinks that statins are actually necessary for us on ADT plus the cancer effect as I said.

Thanks for the post.

I went on a statin while on no other treatment. My PSA dropped dramatically. Unfortunately, I could not tolerate the side effects of the statin.

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MrG68 in reply to Magnus1964

Yep, some suffer statins effects more than others. I assume you tried different statins.

Thanks for posting.

After my experience with atorvastatin (pain, depression, suicidal), I told my cardiologist, no statins. I'm on zetia.

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LearnAll in reply to Magnus1964

The side effects you had with statin are really very uncommon. Most people just have some muscle aches esp in legs. I had these aches when I took 20 mg Atorvastatin.. but after lowering the dose to 10 mg a day..those aches disappeared.

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Magnus1964 in reply to LearnAll

I'll keep that in mind.

When I had to go on a statin, I was taking Xtandi and found a research paper that recommended simvastatin as working well with Xtandi. As I had already had a bad reaction to Lipitor I started this old statin and it works great on the lipids (pharmacists do freak out at my using this old drug instead of an expensive new on). On the cancer, who knows, as mine has progressed in the past few months and I no longer take Xtandi. But my lipids are now great!

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LearnAll in reply to Miccoman

Simvastatin is older statin but it does work perfectly well.

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Bigm789 in reply to LearnAll

Try lavalo 2mg less side effects lipophilic

Greetings RSC,

Would you please be kind enough to tell us your bio. Age? Location? When Treatment(s)? Treatment center(s)? Scores Psa/Gleason? Medications? Doctor's name(s)?

ALL INFO IS VOLUNTARY, but it helps us help you and helps us too. When you respond, you might want to copy and paste it in your home page for your use and for other members’ reference.

Note: Answers are for your benefit, not mine.


Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 06/19/2022 9:47 PM DST

I’ve tried them all…currently on lovastatin and seem to be tolerating it well. My MO encouraged me to get back on them…and a recent CT scan showed early plaque buildup so I have to step it up…don’t want any CV issues doing me in!

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