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Lupron question

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Hello group, this is my first post. I started following this group in February. My question is this. I switched from Firmagon to Lupron April 20 to benefit from the longer lasting doses. I started with a one-month dose of Lupron to make sure I tolerated it OK. So far so good. I am coming up on my second dose May 18 and I am trying to decide on the 3 month or 6 month dose. My concern with the 6 month dose is; does it really last 6 months? Has anyone had any issues with the 6 month dose wearing off or failing prior to 6 months? Thank you.

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Data shows that perhaps it starts to wear off for some guys towards the end of the 6 months.

Efficacy and safety of leuprolide acetate 6-month depot for suppression of testosterone in patients with prostate cancer | Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases

The 3-month shot also has a little upturn.

I do the 3 month Lupron shot. My MO told me that, if I want, I can monitor my testosterone and come in a little before or after the 3-month point for another shot. I am going to follow her suggestion but I'm taking Zytiga in addition to Lupron so perhaps my testosterone won't increase.

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Thank you RSH1. I am also taking Abiraterone in addition to the Lupron. I will inquire about doing some early monitoring. I am doing EBRT starting in August so the 6 month dose should take me through that.

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You're welcome. Zytiga blocks CYP17. CYP17 activates an enzyme in the testosterone synthesis path. Zytiga by itself might reduce testosterone more than Lupron (but as far as I know this hasn't been proven in trials).

Since you are also taking abiraterone, it probably matters less because abiraterone suppresses testosterone too.

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Good point. Thank you TA.

Hi 16S4. I’ve been doing the 6 month for 5 years (with abiraterone) for 5 years and have never had an uptick on T so far. Part of that is because of the daily abiraterone. Also, I can feel part of the lump still there in my belly up to the sixth month. It seems to always last there right until the end. It sure does burn for the first 20 minutes though! But maybe the one month does too. :). Good luck! ✌️ DougNOLA

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Thanks for your input dougnola. seems like the injection pain was worse with Firmagon.

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I get my Eligard injections in the back of my arm. I ask the nurse to vibrate the flab while injecting. Hardly feel any pain.

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I asked a nurse to vibrate my flab once and was asked to never return to the hospital.

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That's funny 🤣

My fourth injection of Lupron is coming up next month.First injection was a 3 month.

It lowered my PSA.

I have no information on the length of effectiveness.

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thanks Alice85.

My experience with 3month Lupron and abiraterone is at 3 months my testosterone is <1. This has been consistent since starting Lupron.

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Thanks TylexGP

I have also been told that the 6 month does where off sooner by my oncology Dr. I've been on the three month lupron and 50mg of bicalutamide for over a year now. It's seems to be doing its job. For now my psa is holding at 0.02. I'm 15 years out since diagnosed. Good luck.

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Thanks nextphase.

I've been on Zytiga and Eligard six month injections for four years now. I notice right around the week before I'm due for my next injection I feel like I'm in need of it. I asked my Doctor and he said its probably on my mind that it's due because I could stay a few weeks after shot is due and still have its efficiency. Never give up Never surrender. Leo

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Thanks leo 2634.

It does last 6 months for sure, took for 3 1/2 years in 6-month doses and always knew it was in my system. Testosterone at 8 and PSA at way low all the time. Happy to be off a 6 1/2 years out but glad it did its job. Good luck to you!

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Thanks Wdoug.

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Wdoug, so you are off ADT and you cancer never came back?

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Yes, I'm 6 1/2 years out from beginning Lupron and radiation. My testosterone is back around 300 and PSA remains .0? or still low. It was nice waking up like before, instead of waking up as tired as when I went to bed.I won't suggest 3 or 6 month doses but 6 month worked for me and it took 3 or for month to wear off upon completion. I'm back to LA Fitness daily and actually rebuilding the lost muscle mass for those years of lethargy -- although I went to LA Fitness daily all the way through but only walked a mile or so and went through light weights on various other exercises to keep blood circulating -- good luck to you whichever you choose.

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Glad to hear it worked for you. It's encouraging to hear you are back to an active life.

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Congratulations on sticking with your exercise program, even if it was minimal, all that time, with all the side effects.

I have been on Lupron since August 2019 along with Abiraterone and Prednisone.Had 1 Month dose then started with 6 month dose in September 2019. I am still continuing with 6 month shots with no major problems. Monthly bloodwork still good. There was one time I was 2 weeks late in Sept 2021 due to relocation and had to switch to Eligard. PSA always ok but T went up slightly before coming back down. Eligard seemed to increase the fatigue and general weakness. Talked to both MO's and they think I was crazy?? I am back on 6 month Lupron now and it still works and I feel better. MO had suggested Orgovyx pill as an alternative to improve overall feelings. But 1 month opening cost was $800 and decided to stick with Lupron. So, after almost 3 years I am doing well and PSA undetectable. Next bloodwork this Friday....

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Yes, fatigue and weakness are the side effects I notice. Seems to help if I just ignore the fatigue and work through it. Exercise and activity helps.

I was on Zoladex, a Lupron equivalent, on and off for eight years. I had no problem with the three month dose. I never tried the six month formulation. When it was time for my injection I followed the practice of checking the package the medical person opened to be certain it was the correct dose. For Zoladex the three month dose is a blue container with blue package. Different doses are different colors to alert professional to correct dose and package. Always helps to have another set of eyes on the practice.

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good advice. Thanks, tarhoosier.

It all depends if the nurse injecting you is nice looking or not. If not, do it every 6 months....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 05/10/2022 1:22 PM DST

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that's the answer I was looking for j-o-h-n

I had heard that urologists like 6-month and oncologists like 3-month. Anyway, the urologist who originally diagnosed me gave me a 6-month but the oncologist has stuck with 3-month. I'd recommend 3-month.

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I wonder why the difference of opinion?

I've had mostly 3-month Lupron shots, but I had one 6-month shot a year ago. I didn't notice any issues with it, PSA or otherwise.

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Thank you dhccpa

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