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Boob Pic!

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After 40 months of successful ADT using transdermal estradiol gel (tE2) my ONLY side effect is a bit of gynecomastia. I took this pic today and I'm not embarrassed to wear pullover shirts.

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Hi Ron,

Christ, I wouldn’t be embarrassed either! You look great. You’re a positive testimonial to using tE2 gel and managing gynecomastia with exercise and clean living. Good for you.

Stay healthy and happy,


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ronronHU in reply to ragnar2020

Thank you for your most kind reply Jeff!

My best to you!


I like the cut of your jib RonRon!

He is cut from good cloth , this one ! 👍😂

No big thang Ron ron. I have a cups myself . Now if we go to DDs then action might be needed ? You a handsome devil Ronron . Covid be damed we will get over to see you someday ? Thanks for helping others ! Thanks 🙏 Looookin goooood my man ! 🤙🏽

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ronronHU in reply to Lulu700


Thank you for your always caring be the man! I would love to be able to spend some time here with you and Sherry before I exit this world.

Luv all of you comrades on this site!

P.S. Did you receive the gel yet?

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Lulu700 in reply to ronronHU

Before either of us skip out we will be there . B s is mounting worldwide right now . Dad lived through the Great Depression . Now the millennials will earn there muster ?. We have today ! Today is heaven like here . Not yet . I’ll let you know when ? Appreciate you ! ❤️❤️❤️🙏

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ronronHU in reply to Lulu700


You look GREAT Ron!!!!

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ronronHU in reply to erjlg3


Thanks so much for the compliment! Hoping the next 18 years will be better ones for both of you.



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erjlg3 in reply to ronronHU

Always wishing that for each of you here Ron! You truly look great! I hope you're next 18 are wonderful. With love,


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ronronHU in reply to erjlg3

Thank you again Jackie for your kindness!

Great picture Ron. I hope everyone here realizes we do not need any naked boob pictures!

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ronronHU in reply to monte1111

I nudie selfies!

Yup, you look good Ronron.

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ronronHU in reply to Wassersug

Thanks Doc for being my tE2 mentor, and for the help you have given my friends who are dealing with this beast.

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Lulu700 in reply to ronronHU

Look like a Hollywood celeb ! ❤️❤️

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ronronHU in reply to Lulu700

Bro, you are WAY TOO KIND!


You’re 78 years old, look much younger, and are in great shape. You’ve survived sixteen years with PC. You appear to be living a wonderful healthy life on the water with your wife/significant other. Who cares about man boobs at this point? You’ve been blessed; just enjoy it.

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ronronHU in reply to Dett

Thank you so much Dett for your flattering reply! My absolute best to your husband and you. Yes, I thank the good Lord every day for allowing me to still enjoy life after my urologist at Baylor who performed my biopsy 17 years ago gave me 'about' five years.



Well you are no Anna Nicole Smith or Pammy Anderson yet! Even then, Pam got hers taken out and so can you and of course we all know what happened to Anna Nicole and you don't want to go there! 🤣

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ronronHU in reply to Bigdo58

You are too funny Bigdo!

Well they somehow missed the 'g' on 'dog' in my handle 'g spots' allowed on this site!

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ronronHU in reply to Bigdo58

Haha...kinda thought it was 'Bigdog'!

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Bigdo58 in reply to ronronHU

Yep tis me for sure... only two other small dogs here. Shitzus/poodles/mini foxies!

Nice tits cowboy! He he... also my transdermal Estriadol gel mentor. Keep on rocking Ron.

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ronronHU in reply to Alicat1

Now wait a minute! Was that meant to be a compliment?

So happy to hear that the tE2 gel is helping. Stay strong.

My best,


Nice rack! But you look 58


Thanks for the backhanded "rack" compliment, and the "58" one which is really pushing it; however, I'll graciously accept both!

I'm hoping things will improve for you...sounds like you've been through hell and back.


Thanks buddy! We need to keep our humor thru this right. For everything I’ve been thru you wouldn’t notice it if you met me, except the weight gain and the moobs.

Gonna have fun in the boat until I hit the waterfall!


You're right (and your wife) look great! I believe having a positive attitude makes a difference.

Hey ronronHU!

The men that have never had prostate cancer and can't drive past the donut shops without a 1,500 calorie "designer coffee" and "a couple of those too", (500 calorie, deep fried or 'healthy' muffins in which predominant ingredient is sugar", the men that supersize for lunch or whatever then eat a quart of ice cream while watching the tube make you look slim and trim!

Keep it up Pal! You look fine getting some vitamin D! Nothing like a little ocean. I crewed on a sailboat that qualified to compete in the national championships in 83.


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ronronHU in reply to Currumpaw

Thank you Currumpaw for taking the time to send your reply.

Never was a coffee & donut guy, nor a drinker or a smoker; however, I do enjoy an ice cream bar occasionally.

Wishing you the very best!


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Currumpaw in reply to ronronHU

Thank you ronronHU!

As for ice cream, becoming a vegan meant some made from almonds or cashews then I found some ice "cream" made from avocados--oh yeah! Tom Brady is onto something!

I try to only eat it if I will have a high activity level afterwards to burn some calories.

Keep doing what you have been. The fact is, whoever said we are our own worst critics had some decent observational skills. Some heavily degreed 'shrink' no doubt! LOL!


Is that a rocket in your pocket.....or are you happy to post here....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 09/03/2021 6:57 PM DST

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ronronHU in reply to j-o-h-n

Haha...I wish that was my "rocket"; however, it burned out many years ago!

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KSK54 in reply to ronronHU

Rocking. Keep it up.

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ronronHU in reply to KSK54

I'm trying!

Looking good to me! I have more concern with my gut! Have my weight down, a lot, but the middle section is hard to get ride of!!

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ronronHU in reply to 33Ford

Thank you! I wouldn't mind having some of your weight. Tried to gain weight my entire life with working out and consuming huge meals, but never got above 173 lbs.

Thank you for the compliments! My E2 levels have been fluctuating for the last couple of years between 145 to 255; my last was 220. Boob growth was fairly rapid during the first year (also some degree of sensitivity); however, both gradually ceased in less than two years. As for the use of Tamoxifen, TA recommends it, while Richard Wassersug questions using anything that counteracts the effects of the tE2. In my case, I don't use it since boobs at my age are not a big deal, plus the fact that it may be too late to start since I don't think it will reduce what is already there.

My best to you,


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