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Some Things To Ponder As We Age

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The inventor of the treadmill died at the age of 54.

The inventor of gymnastics died at the age of 57.

The world bodybuilding champion died at the age of 41.

The best soccer player in the world, Maradona, died at the age of 60.

And then...

KFC inventor died at 90.

Inventor of Nutella brand died at the age of 88.

Cigarette maker Winston died at the age of 102.

The inventor of opium died at the age of 116 - in an earthquake.

Hennessy cognac, Irish inventor, died at 98.

How did doctors come to the conclusion that exercise prolongs life?

The rabbit is always jumping, but it lives for only 2 years.

The turtle that doesn't exercise at all, lives 200 years.

So follow my advice,

Take a nap ...

And when you wake up, have some bacon and eggs.

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Ron, my friend! With your sense of humor - we will definitely live here for 120 years ..)) Keep charging us with positive emotions and don't forget to smile more often yourself! Give our regards to Natalie and tell her that she is very lucky with you!

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ronronHU in reply to RusLand


You are too kind! Natalie sends you a big hug.

Hmm... I'll drink to that!🥂

Nice post Ron, that makes you think, factually it is not very correct , but it doesn't matter really.

I agree with the meaning of this post, that we cannot just restrict ourselves from physical pleasures of this beautiful world that makes us happy in the attempt to prolong life.

Exercise is good, spiritual development is great, so are alcohol and some other substances (that not to be mentioned)... and different delicious foods, sex, etc...

Be ready to shed this physical body any day and anytime and enjoy every day on this beautiful planet as much as you can and more 😉🥂

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Kaliber in reply to CurrentSEO


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JPOM in reply to CurrentSEO

and the inventor of the internet died as soon as he saw it had filled up with pornsites. age? oh who cares, really? 😜

If I didn't know you better I'd launch into hundreds of studies and RCTs.

The outliers prove the rules. I think that the farther away from the mean something is, the better its predictive capacity. 18 sigma is what I shoot for.

All this typing wore me out. Time for a nap. First a few slices of cake and some pop.

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Kaliber in reply to RSH1


I had a Grandfather, on the side that did not Have Cancer malfunctioning Genes--->who retired at the age of 70. He smoked 3 packs of Camels without the filters each day. He had a Pinochle Group where they played every day--and he drank a bottle of some kind of whiskey each day. His claim to long health was his brunch, which consisted of 2 slices of Jewish Rye Bread-->one side smeared with the hottest horseradish---the other slice layered with onions and hot peppers, and a slice of tomato separating the 2 halves. He ate this with Barrel Garlic Pickles, on the side. And of cause, he did not drink water--->just some kind of Whiskey, to down his brunch.He lived to 102. Unfortunately, I got the Cancer Inherited Genes from my Mother's side, of the family. So I will be glad to reach 80---and as you know Ron, that will be upon both of us sooner than later.


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ronronHU in reply to Nalakrats

Nal, That's unbelievable that he lived to 102! Perhaps he was embalmed for many years before he actually expired? I'm hoping to make it to 80 also! The "Jewish Rye Bread, horseradish, onions, hot peppers, tomatoes, and pickles" all sound pretty good to me. The "Camels", and the booze would do me in. Even though you inherited many of your mom's genes, you may very well make it to 100.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to ronronHU

Embalmed before expired lmao. Thats a good one.

I remember something close that probably everyone has heard before.

Joe: " I haven't seen him in a few years he's not looking too good, all blueish gray".

Bill: "Yea he went on a special diet. He's dead he just hasn't laid down yet".

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dhccpa in reply to Nalakrats

Did he pick up the smoking habit from Bill Clinton?

I love it! Thanks for the laugh.

I go to the gym most every day and that is great. Know what is better? Drinking with females younger than me. I will always skip the gym to hang out with the ladies. In fact getting ink with them Saturday and missing the gym. Great advice!

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ronronHU in reply to mrscruffy

I agree with everything except the "ink"!

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mrscruffy in reply to ronronHU

I am getting cancer ribbon on foot and she is getting same ribbon with words "your struggle is my struggle" Can't say no to that, she has been there every step of the way and stopped a suicide attempt I was in the middle of. I owe her my life

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MateoBeach in reply to mrscruffy

Wow! That’s awesome. 🎗🎗💝 I have collected 8 RT aiming tats, nothing more. But a great love in my life with unwavering total support. Congratulations to you on that.

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9mmm in reply to ronronHU

Why not ink? I'm not, dad was, my daughters, are heavily inked. I just haven't found anything I'd want permanently on me. But, I keep looking...

Just curious, because you seem adamant...

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mrscruffy in reply to 9mmm

In addition to the one I am getting today, I have the word ALIVE on my arm to remind me that I need to stay this way because people are counting on me. I also have three arrows crossed to represent my life with my "girls" and our struggles together (they each have one also.) And lastly a taco on my ankle because me and the girls were drunk and it seemed fun.

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ronronHU in reply to 9mmm

I guess I was born at a time when 'ink' wasn't very popular. The only tattoos that I remember men having when I was young were anchors on the arms of Navy guys.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to ronronHU

I went to Japan in the Navy in 1975 and it was as you said the anchors.Then sometimes I would end up in a "sketchy" bar and it would be the tattoo's on the Yakuza lol.

Yes yes brother .. better throw in some hash browns, grape jelly slathered toasted English muffins …. Glass of picante clamato juice and pot of fresh ground Kona peaberry select .

Still ….while it not marathon running or bicycling in grueling tours “ …. wielding a 750 pound harley bagger ( with enough torque to pull your arms out of their sockets , every time you take off ) is exercise of itself … great for that thick neck massive upper body that you see on most career bikers.

yayahahahaya yayahahahaya.

Just say’in


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MateoBeach in reply to Kaliber

Okay, that’s cool. But bet you don’t have the belly or the half-helmet to fit with that crowd? Better, perhaps like me, a 600 lb 130 HP ADV bike, in my case BMW 1250GS Adventure. With full protective gear including air-bag vest. ATGATT. Multi week adventures this Summer and for long as I can. 👍👍👍

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ronronHU in reply to MateoBeach

Ride on brother!


My dad had a terrible diet and never exercised. He was diagnosed with colon cancer when he was 52 and then died of it when he was 76. His genetics were awesome though and he looked young until shortly before the end.

My mom had horrible genetics and an inherited disease (PKD). She ate well and was outdoors almost every day of her life, Walking, hiking, biking, and gardening. She lived to 84 and was sharp as a tack until the end.

My long-term dentist smoked and died of throat/lung cancer when he was in his 60s. Both of my grandfathers smoked and both died of smoking-related diseases in their early 50s.

Neither of my grandmothers smoked but they didn't do much exercise. They both died in their 80s.

My mom worked on our genealogy and had it ironed out to the 1600s. A rather constant trend in our family, Farmers who didn't smoke or drink lived into their 80s, 90s, or 100s. Smoking, teaching, or drinking, is bad news for our family. Death generally occurred in 20s-70s.

A friend of mine used to justify his smoking with tales of his 90+ yo grandmother who smoked a pack a day. He was friends with my dentist. When my dentist left us... my buddy quit smoking.

My message from our family history is that our genetics just don't play well with laziness, smoking, eating junk, or drinking.

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ronronHU in reply to RSH1

Your family history kinda negates my 'ponder' post!

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RSH1 in reply to ronronHU

Tiny sample sizes. Big studies show exercise good. Clean diet good. Obesity bad.

I'm glad they go that way. I don't like cigarettes or cigars. I like to workout and do sports. And I like eating good food. And I've always been strange this way, even in college I didn't like the taste of beer - forced myself to drink it to be cool.

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ronronHU in reply to RSH1

I never liked beer...probably had a total of one 6-pack in my entire life.

HAHAHAHA! Awesome post

LOL, love this 😂❤️

Don’t you think about it your elevator is going as high as 100 and all I wanted is to go to Disney land ….,Thanks ron

Your the best and look we still can be happy along this journey can you imagine that!

Great post ronron, does make one wonder but I reckon I will try to stay healthy. Where did I hide that cask of merlot? Love that but it does not like me!

Nice post Ronron, but what are you on about ? 😂😂😂😂😂

There is certainly a time when less is better than more. We are not trying to attract a mate (most of us anyway). We are not going to get healthy....just healthier. The question is how much and what kind of exercising makes our quality of life better?

What leaves us in worse pain vs feeling energized? How many avid long-distance runners in their 60's and older do you know that have had their knees replaced. (I know 3 personally). Parts wear out like a car, but you can rebuild a car to be "good as new". I want to live at the intersection of healthy and happy!

May we all have both!

Short or long we must live life to enjoy ! Your advice supports my thinking. 👏👏👏

Dear Brother ronronHU,

My wife and I had a good laugh, thanks 🙏

But it really is something to think about deeply. However I am not going to escape from my exercise routine, cause my wife’s not going to let that happen hahaha.

But thanks brother it’s good to read such stuff on this site 🙏❤️


I couldn’t find this when I replied to your amusing post. But I’ve got it now :-

“ Some men are killing time quietly, while quietly time is killing them “

Hope you like it, I’ve had my bacon and eggs for breakfast 😋


Great post, eat drink and be merry for we know not what tomorrow brings 😎👍

Enjoy each day as if it were your last and make a lasting difference

That’s awesome! Thanks for the laugh this morning. Make sure and wash those eggs down with some Bourbon.

Hahaha, awesome post!

as my Maternal Grandmother, who got to 94, used to say:"You either get old or you croak" and

" Getting old is hell, but if you stick it out and get really old, you can say and do what you want and no one stops you. " ... and she certainly did and I had the pleasure of witnessing her in action.

Too Life !!!!

Good one! Cheers!


And don't forget Jim Fixx, running avatar, died of a heart attack ... while running.

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ronronHU in reply to SteveTheJ


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RSH1 in reply to SteveTheJ

That was very sad. I heard that he tried to jog through pain (what, why?). And his dad had his first heart attack at 35 and died of another at 43. I read that he didn't even have a regular physician. Now Jack Lalanne on the other hand...

I think jogging and exercise are great but I think you can overdo them and the "go hard or go home" slogan that we chanted in our 20s should be amended to "go to the grave or go home".

And it should go without saying that you should get regular checkups, and blood tests, and monitor your weight, fat, blood pressure, and heart rate.

True story. One of my friends decided to "get back into shape" in the 90s. So he bought a mack daddy bike and went out for hours on his first ride. His feet started hurting but he decided "no pain, no gain" and kept on riding. He wound up destroying his feet and could barely shuffle around. It took him two decades and multiple foot surgeries to undo the "no pain, no gain".

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SteveTheJ in reply to RSH1

I think it's hilarious. Jim Fixx running nut, dies of a heart attack while running. It just means don't believe the hype.

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RSH1 in reply to SteveTheJ

Absolutely had nothing to do with arteriosclerosis. Drink 'em and smoke 'em.

Seriously, I don't find someone's misfortune even remotely funny.

Best post I've read anywhere in a long time.



Great list. However, it left out the two entrepreneurs who started Waffle House (their names escape me), who each passed in the 2016-2017 period at 100+.

Actually since my diagnosis I am more patient and serene. I don’t sweat the small stuff and try to enjoy everyday as if it were my last…I shake my head at fools that cry over spilled milk… perspective that’s what this disease has given me…a longer time on this planet does not me a happier life… peace to all..

You are the real deal Kaliber. Ride your own way! I’m just hanging on to the threads of my youth and have some fun riding while I still can. 👍🏼

Christian Bernard, Cardiac Surgeon who performed first human to human heart transplant, once said “the only exercise I get is pall bearers for my friends who exercise.” He lived to 78.

Amusing, but nonetheless fallcious.

Which bodybuilder died at 40? There have been a number of them that died young.

Bodybuilding can be healthy, but it certainly doesn't have to be. Massive amounts of diuretics, crazy diets, stripping down to unhealthy levels of body fat.

For one of my therapies, I injected a high amount of testosterone. 400 mg/week of cypionate. My tT would go to 2500-4500+. I monitored my blood markers. They all looked good. But even so, I was becoming concerned that I was going to die of a heart attack if I used it too long (fortunately my PSA started going up and at the 2-year mark I pulled the plug).

Some of these guys use 2000 mg per week of cypionate! And they stack huge amounts of oral and injectable steroids on top of it. And then there is growth hormone and SARMs and all sorts of things. And not recommended doses. 10x or more a recommended dose of many things at the same time.

Take-home is that almost anything can be unhealthy if abused. Water... drink 100 gallons at a time. Boom! Veggies, eat 100,000 kcals a day and see what happens.

I did a search for the 40-year-old bodybuilder world champ. I found this: Fact Check-Post states wrong ages at which several inventors died | Reuters

"The posts say that the footballer Diego Maradona died aged 60, which is true (here). However, Maradona suffered from drug and alcohol addictions and overeating."

“The cigarette maker Winston died at 102,” say the posts. Winston is a brand of cigarettes that was first made in 1954 by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Bowman Gray, Jr., who was head of the company at that time, died in 1969 aged 62 (here , here , here).

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ronronHU in reply to RSH1

You're doing too much "Fact Checking"...ha, ha!

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RSH1 in reply to ronronHU

I'm a bored old man without enough to do, This is what retirement has done to me. It's 3 AM here. I slept 3 hours last night. In an hour or so I'll go back to bed and probably sleep until 10.

Ron, please don't think that I'm trying to poke holes in your post. I was curious about the bodybuilder one. I couldn't think of a world champ (Mr. Olympia) that died at 40 so googled it. One of the first hits that came up was that article.

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