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Sick with COVID 6 months after full vaccination

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My wife and I completed our first backpacking adventure of the Summer July 12 to 19 in Yosemite. While passing through Tuolumne Meadows we needed to visit their store to replace non-functional water purifiers. It was crowded with maskless hikers stocking up and enjoying burgers at their grill. Exposure was on July 16 we believe. 4 - 5 days later Johane began to feel very sick, “like a cold with fatigue and headache” etc. Also lost her senses of taste and smell. I became sick 2 days after her. We both tested positive for COVID by this week.

Since we each have risk factors ( both over 65 and high BP. she with severe asthma and me with APC and pulmonary hypertension) we are going this morning to get the infusion of the double monoclonal antibody treatment. We anticipate full recovery eventually.

This is just a heads-up about breakthrough (after full immunization) infections with COVID in the fully vaccinated. Recent news out of the CDC is saying that this is very rare. Not so fast. Just yesterday Pfizer released a report on their research showing that neutralizing antibodies declines significantly by six months, from 98.5% to 83.6% (ish) after 2 dose vaccination. And that this may not be protective, especially for the Delta variant. Obviously our two simultaneous cases demonstrate this in spades. Pfizer suggested in their release that a booster shot may be required at six months after the first series. They indicated this produce 1100% (11 times) higher antibody levels than the primary series.

My take aways are: 1) Breakthrough COVID infections four to six months after vaccination will soon be found to be much more frequent than the CDC has been saying. 2) A booster shot six months after primary vaccination is a good idea, at least for the two mRNA vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer BioNtech. 3) Be very careful especially if it has been several months since vaccination.


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When you speak of a Pfizer BioNtech booster shot, would the "booster" be the same dosage , same formula as the the first two Pfizer injections?

They are talking about a third booster at six months out with the same vaccine in this. However they also said they are working on another version of the vaccine that will be more optimized for the variants such as Delta. That will certainly be coming.

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Lulu700 in reply to MateoBeach

Brother . I think it’s going to be an annual shot for life for new covid strains going up to covid 23 at least .

I just discussed this issue with my doctor yesterday. I asked him if should still wear a mask and he said "YES! Recently I've had three vaccinated prostate cancer patients test positive and become hospitalized." He did say that at least one of them was on Docetaxel, but even still , I think it's better to err on the side of safety and wear a mask.

I also noticed a different atmosphere in the hospital then 3 months ago when I was last there. There seems to be a heightened sense of concern.

Links from

Gosh Paul, I hope you recover 100%.

Cases are on the rise and correlate with states and regions with higher percentages of unvaccinated individuals. In Phoenix, we are advised to wear masks, and schools and some workplaces might not open. Our kids might have to stop Jiu-Jitsu AGAIN!!!

Mandates are being enacted and I hope it helps.


So sorry to hear you got it. Your wife appears to be especially vulnerable - my prayers are with her. I wish the FDA would approve the Pfizer booster - it's been almost exactly 6 months for me.

I could be overreaching here but I thought the purpose of the "vaccines" was too prevent hospitalizations. It appears in your case this occurred. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Lulu700 in reply to TomTom1111

True TomTom, very true! Maybe without the vaccine Mateo was high risk . Good that he got it . 🧐

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maley2711 in reply to TomTom1111

That was for the dominant mutation at that time...and even then NOT predicted to be 100% effective. This new variant may of course change the numbers...sadly.

Thanks for the heads up. Was thinking about flying in three weeks— gives me pause for concern. Had Moderna in March, may go ahead and get a third jab.

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keepinon in reply to timotur

Don't be afraid of flying. My wife and I have flown 9 times since 1/20. 4-5 times on completely full airplanes. No issues.

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timotur in reply to keepinon

Wow, that’s great, did you wear special masks, such as KN95? Thinking about using those instead of a cloth mask. Odds still look ok even with vax protection dropping to 83%.

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keepinon in reply to timotur

just regular cloth masks. We went to a bunch of national parks right after they opened up. Hardly any people!! Went to Hawaii as soon as they allowed tourists. Empty beaches!! Visited our 3 kids that are all spread out. We decided not to change how we live because of covid.

Wtf? My man ? Holey Moley ? This is bullshit . You know as a Dr. That the cdc has f’d up from the git go with covid . Get well and stay strong my friend . Our best to you both🙏❤️

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maley2711 in reply to Lulu700

how so f'd up? Hindsight always perfect....and they work with what they have at the time.

Th serious problem now with the vaccinated seems to be that they can unknowingly spread it ,thinking they were immune already . It is a farce . ✌️❤️

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maley2711 in reply to Lulu700

not a farce for informed persons..only for uninformed and those whho don't read the fineprint.

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cesces in reply to maley2711

Everyone is still on a learning curve.

The data always seems to have about a 6 month delay built in.

I don't think there is much that can be done about it.

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Lulu700 in reply to maley2711

I bow to my superior

I hope and pray you have your wife make a full recovery, Paul. This really is alarming news for many of us! Back to full masking, social distancing and more isolation. Booster as soon as possible.

Over 99 percent of the people who die from Covid are not vaccinated so it really makes sense to get it. If we have to get a booster later, that's fine with me. In the meantime, it's not an inconvenience to wear a mask. People need to stop whining about their "rights" and other stupid childishness. Get with the program.

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TomTom1111 in reply to gregg57

I got the vaccine but no way in hell I'm giving up my rights to these charlatans in Gov't. Personal responsibility is what this country used to be about..less and less now to everyone's detriment.

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Dett in reply to TomTom1111

Thank you for getting the vaccine. That’s what personal responsibility looks like.

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TomTom1111 in reply to Dett

I'm old school.

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maley2711 in reply to TomTom1111

what next ...driving 100 in a 30??

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cesces in reply to TomTom1111

A dangerous attitude in my personal opinion.

I agree with Marley.

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maley2711 in reply to TomTom1111

why charlatans????

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maley2711 in reply to TomTom1111

which specific rights?

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Cooolone in reply to maley2711

The right to live as you want, without the Gvot deciding for you what or how you should. The CDC has along with the Federal Govt and local Gov't taken great overreach in this entire pandemic! Never before in the U.S. has such extremes been taken. There have been outbreaks, the Spanish Flu, Measles, Polio, but never has this type of govt encroachment upon the masses been tried. Shutdowns, and mandating unapproved vaccinations are just the edge of it all. The govt agencies should be advisement agencies, who gave the CDC enforcement powers? Here in NY, the legislature gave the governor unmitigated powers to do whatever he wanted, with no sunset clause built in... Both reprehensible ideas but wow, yeah sure, give a single person the power to mandate how everyone should live. He told the residents of the state to isolate while he and his family enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinner! All simple buffoonery! But these actions, the taking away of the "will" and freedom of choice, to live as you want is problematic! There are many, maybe too many similarities to some of those fiction novels from way back that had people freaking out that this could ever come to be, and yet, here we are.

This all has nothing to do with the fact that the vaccine is beneficial to those who chose to get it. The "choice" is what it's all about. I'm vaccinated and tried to get it earlier than I was mandated, in NY... Here if you worked in a bodega, you were ok to get it from the get go. But if you worked in a necessary industry that the Governor bemoaned must still work, it didn't qualify you for access to the vaccine. Even with my going into Docetaxel treatment here, I was not on the A list and had to wait, cancer be damned! While other states recognized the immunocompromised patients under care. Mainly because they still had a govt working for the people, not an oligarchy thinking they needed to rule over it's people!

So yeah, I got home delivery of produce, didn't go out, and when it was necessary, was using a mask. If I walked into a crowded place I was very conscious of my surroundings, always cleaning my hands, etc. I worked in and was in NYC a lot. By train as well, and still, no ability to get vaccinated because by Governor's decree! That was all some serious BS!

There's so much more, but I'll leave it alone for now. But on RIGHTS! It's not something bestowed upon me by convenience, nor is it taken by necessity, otherwise it isn't a RIGHT. We live in a democratic REPUBLIC here in the U.S. and it is a significant detail that all too many either don't pay attention to, or conveniently forget when necessary. And the basis of this entire social compact in which the people agree to accept the law of the land and allow a government in return to provide services, does not give or relinquish this rights for contemporary convenience. We are born with them, and the Constitution tells the govt what it can or cannot do, not the people. The framers understood all too well that the people were FREE. That was the whole idea of the thing... Freedom from government encroachment into our daily lives, period.

/end rant

Have a great day!

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TomTom1111 in reply to Cooolone

Uh oh...they will not like being so American....that's why I didn't respond to their replies...everyone is entitled to opinions...even you and I.

Nice rant though.


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Cooolone in reply to TomTom1111

It's ok, post was relevant as it applied to a visit in a U.S. State. This rant is not applicable to jurisdictions outside the U.S. as different laws apply. But here we are in the supposed FREE country that in contemporary times has acted like anything but!

Think it was Ford (Gerald) who said at one time as others did as well:. "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have."

That applies everywhere, but reflects some of our founders concern about a big Federal Govt. And today, we are seeing the realizations of those concerns. I don't need the Govt to tell me, mandate me, or order me, on how to live or do things. Thank you very much, but no thank you! Lolz

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jackcop in reply to Cooolone

That was a rant😐

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WSOPeddie in reply to Cooolone

In a public health emergency / pandemic / plague it seems silly to talk about "rights". You do have the right to remain silent ... after you die of covid. I'm glad my parents didn't invoke their right to refuse to vaccinate me from polio.

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gregg57 in reply to WSOPeddie

The same people who bitch about their rights to not wear a mask are also bitching in the ICU when they need a tube shoved down their throats to survive. They have been known to say things like: "But I thought it was a hoax!" and "Just give me the REAL treatment and stop telling me I have Covid!" and "Can I please get the vaccine now?" and other ignorant comments.

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Cooolone in reply to gregg57

It's obvious you are confused and take things a bit too personal to have a discussion. Let alone one that can view any contrasting opinion objectively. Something along to the cancel culture that if others don't agree with your viewpoint they're wrong and should be shut down, removed or cancelled, lol. I accept all views, from all sides so that I can understand my own position.

I'm perfectly fine with people not wearing their masks as I know that they ultimately will suffer the consequences of their actions, or not. Same goes for their choice to put into their bodies ANY substance of vaccine in this case.

I believe that it is an individual decision, and I made mine. I'm not concerned nor do I wish to tell others that they should do this or that, it's not my place. Nor is it the governments place in my opinion to compel compliance. It is theirs to provide for public safety by provisioning the ability for citizens to get the vaccine, but that's where it ends.

Ignorance is bliss...

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gregg57 in reply to Cooolone

It's not a "individual decision" to take reasonable actions to prevent the spread of a pandemic. People need to look at how what they do effects others instead of the usual self-focused individualism.

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Cooolone in reply to WSOPeddie

Maybe to you, but if they're RIGHTS then they're not a discussion. I'm not advocating anti-vax and if you think that's what I'm talking about then you're confused and mixing apples an oranges. But geeee, I wonder, did the Federal Govt deny employment at the time if unvaccinated? Did States shut down businesses? Same for the measles outbreak, where people told to stay home? Isolate? Lol

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WSOPeddie in reply to Cooolone

Civilized people give up some rights. That's what being civilized means. I don't grossly exceed the speed limit or run red lights. We agree to follow certain rules that are in our common interest. I'll agree that I am impatient with those rebels who refuse to get vaccinated. It shouldn't be about politics, it should be about common sense. I do also agree that very young children shouldn't be forced to wear masks.

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Lulu700 in reply to Cooolone

I’m in agreement With the Cooolone.

The lines will be crazy again. All of us who wanted the first shot will be in line again for the third.

Your right. I'm wondering if this is going to become a shot we end up getting once a year like the flu shot. Maybe they'll even combine it to be flu/coronavirus. In any case, I don't think this is going away any time soon. I guess it's kind of like stage 4 prostate cancer in that way.

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cesces in reply to gregg57

"I guess it's kind of like stage 4 prostate cancer in that way."

Yes it's certainly starting to look that way.

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WSOPeddie in reply to gregg57

I've seen ads on FB for a combined Moderna/Flu 'booster' shot. Deal me in.

Yeah, I'd do it now... Why wait? Pfizer has already shown it bumps the effectiveness. But they'll wait until it has spread enough to justify the 3rd shot and reimbursement from the big Fed!

We can't do a lot about it except stay home, but an additional reminder such as yours is timely. In addition to PCa, my husband has CLL (had 2 Pfizer injections, but LLS labs say he produced no antibodies). You reminded me to remind him - again and again. Thank you, MateoBeach!

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Lulu700 in reply to Bethpage

Wow, none? Crazy indeed?

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Kevinski65 in reply to Bethpage

My wife has hairy cell leukemia. We're like " full time" doctors. Both go to NIH. It a lot to go through.

That's not all....we may be, 'A Few Mutations Away' from a

Vaccine-Proof Variant:

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maley2711 in reply to garyi

god ? help us!!

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Karmaji in reply to maley2711

God.....he is helping Covidxx...May be a God of Covid and gods of Humans...

maley2711 profile image
maley2711 in reply to Karmaji

what ???

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Union98 in reply to garyi

It's inevitable. Life wants to live, it will find a way . . .

Thank you Paul,Forewarned is Forearmed.


Paul & Johane,We hope both of your recoveries are complete and without incident.Mike & Barb

I’m happy that you both are vaccinated . Without that this could have been much worse …. Get well . God bless🙏

Thanks for the very informative and helpful post.

Hello Paul,

My wife and I so sorry for you and your wife, we really hope that you can make a recovery, although I guess that it's going to be long hard road.

We too have been vaccinated, but are fully aware that it's not a suit of armor. But it should help lessen the impact.

Other's around us feel that they have 100% immunity and are now free to behave as they did before, the small village where we live doubles in population size at this time of year as the whole of the country goes on holiday.

Tonight is the village fete, guess who's not going, it's difficult to explain to people about diminished immunity when they appear to be clueless about the risk they are exposing themselves too.

We are thinking of you and praying for you and Johane


Very wise. It only took one person in a crowd at one moment even though we are vaccinated.

Hi Paul,

Praying for your quick and good recovery for both you and wife. Take good care.

Let the good doctors heal both of you and soon. You both will be up and about soon.


Praying you and your wife make a speedy recovery!!!

Praying you and you your wife recover fast. Thank you for the information on the booster shot.

Are supplies of #3 Moderna available? It's been 6mos for us.2Dee

In the UK almost as many vaccinated people are getting infected as unvaccinated. Seems like protection from infection drops off after a few months but protection from severe disease remains high.

Easy to get a booster in the US.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to andrew61

Hey if it isn't Dr. Campbell himself. I am not a fan of you tube (unless for pure entertainment) google, facebook,twitter and the like but my wife turned me on to Dr. Campbell and I truly enjoy his approach to information. Watch him often.

I got Pfizer 2 shots. Is a booster just another shot? Is it going to be a covid 19 varient shot?

Apparently there are a fair number of so called breakthrough infections with Delta Variant.

And even with the vaccine you are still infectious.

All the vaccine does is basically keep you out of the hospital.

Maybe that's all it needs to do.

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TomTom1111 in reply to cesces

That was my point in an earlier post...keep people out of the hospital so the medical system isn't overwhelmed.

Wow, we must still be careful. Wear a mask, no crowds and social distancing. Plus get the booster when available. Thank you for posting your experiences. We must all learn from it.

Hey MateoBeach!

Thanks for posting this. I wish you and your wife a timely and full recovery.

From the very beginning I have used 3M 95N respirators.

I was the chief of an eighty plus member HAZ-MAT response team. I worked in specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals for years. I embalmed bodies for six years.

At any one of these jobs not being trained to protect one's self or ignoring the importance of using the correct PPE including respiratory protection could result in serious health consequences, including death or--as in the case of some--loss of employment. Deconning before doffing PPE is as important as the proper training, selection and use of PPE.

I would highly advise all to wear the best respiratory protection available to them and also avoid high risk situations.


My prayers are with you and you're wife for a speedy recovery 🙏

Look up americas fronline doctors and get hydroxichloiquin, ivermectin vitimin D, C, . Actually a safe drug for over 30 years. Dont wait to be hospitalized. At least people know what those drugs are. Unlike the vaccine. Which has an insert that is intentionally left blank.

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jackcop in reply to Tjc1

If I get malaria, I will treat myself with hydroxychloroquine.


They are lying about "break through" infections being very rare. I personally know of 6 people that are all fully vaccinated, and currently have Covid !

Mateo, I hope you and your wife stay with the majority who remain asymptomatic, having the virus but not any experience from it.

As to the booster? There's no mystery here... It was discussed before the vaccine was even fast tracked that this could very well develop into a yearly shot manifestation, in order to keep up with mutations.

But as for spreading... Is hysterical how much of the CDC is unreliable anymore, week to week changing their findings or guidance. And the only way to explain this is the undue influence of the government. It should be an advisement agency and separate from political powers, but that's not the case. It changes it's ideas because it's told to. Period! And that's good and bad, but mostly bad! Like the WHO, that exposed itself to being basically at the whims of political parties within the U.N. and completely unreliable, the CDC befalls to the same type of pressures. Just search China/Taiwan and you'll see for yourself. The fact that it has grabbed enforcement powers further complicates it's mission in my opinion! It's uneducated to believe that an agency concerning itself with what and how to tell people, government or industry what they can and cannot do, and how to apply force to those mandates isn't different from one that investigates, researches and studies and advises.

Anyways, for us little people, just be smart, yes, wear that mask, not for you, but others. Despite the CDC previous guidance that it doesn't work (for you). Do it if you want to, or not, but do it because it's what you want to do, not because you're being told. And keep vigilant with keeping those hands clean, disinfecting with that good stuff that loves to dry your skin out, lol.

It's all good!...

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MateoBeach in reply to Cooolone

You are so right about the CDC, etc. Michael Lewis painfully documents the unfolding of tragedy and misters in his book “The Premonition “.No we are neither of us asymptomatic. The symptoms are severe and terrible. Had to talk my wife out of taking me to the hospital this morning. Cannot swallow. High fever and chills. But we have appointments for Regeneron monoclonal antibody infusions this morning. Hopeful that will help.

Thanks to your, and everyone’s support here.

Sorry to hear of this occurrence. Praying for excellent treatment efficacy for you and your wife. I never stopped wearing a mask indoors or in close quarters with the public and hand washing preamp post Covid on a continuum due the “novel ness “ of the apparently gain of function engineered virus which will continue to mutate as vaccination induced herd immunity has been proven to be completely elusive. We must remember the unvaccinated are for the most part not donning masks indoors where transmission is most likely. Be safe brothers!

Hope you feel better soon . You reminded me of a fishing trip with my son in Tuolomne Meadows where he made me some fish tacos . My wife and I got Covid in January ( I think I got it on a small plane out of Charlotte to Myrtle Beach ) then I gave it to her . We both got monoclonal antibodies and then the single shot J and J vaccine ninety days later . I just started wearing a mask again in the grocery store . Thanks for sharing .

Vaccinated (Pfizer back in January) and tested positive yesterday. Fever of 101.7.

Good luck with your fight.


We are in the same unpleasant boat then. Take care.

Yikes good sleuthing and info. Thanks

On a positive note...... women that have taken the Pfizer vaccine are reporting its making their boobs grow bigger ! True story

This was reported in WaPo yesterday--apparently the information was leaked about the rationale for the change in masking guidance.

Main points: Vaccinated can get infected, can transmit, many are symptomatic, and can require hospitalization. This was Provincetown, MA:

Hey, hoping you feel better soon. Would you mind stating if there's anything you might have done to prevent the infection? Were you wearing N95 masks? This just has me concerned as I am working with some anti vaccination people now... And I got the Pfizer shots too, about 90 days ago.

Why would the population get a booster shot of a "Vaccine" that is failing?

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gregg57 in reply to CharlieBC

The vaccine isn't failing, it just doesn't last forever.

As the saying goes "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" Keep in mind, over 99 percent of Covid deaths are still unvaccinated people.

Paul I'm going to keep it short. Really not happy to hear this happened to you and your wife. I am sincerely hoping for a speedy and complete recovery for you both.

Sorry to see your kind forewarning and what should have been condolences turn into a twitter style rant storm in some ways.

That's dismissive and contrary to how it actually works. You want the 2nd Amendment to apply to muzzle loading rifles too? This argument has long been covered and disqualified by SCOTUS. If you want, the Heller ruling covers this argument and individual rights, not collective rights as this vaccination argument would venture down that rabbit hole.

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