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Looking for MO in N. California or Oregon


Does anyone know of a MO they would recommend, or have heard of, in the N. California Region or Oregon? (Our son, and new grand kid, lives in Portland). I am looking for someone that is "open minded", willing to treat patients with the most recent, legitimate, meds.



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In Oregon at OSHU, there's Tomasz Beer.

At UCSF, there's Eric Small or Rahul Aggarwal

efsculpt in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks, Tall_Allen, I'll try Thomaz Beer. With "the kids" in Portland, it is and extra incentive to go up there.


OHSU seems to be the best option in Portland

Costarica1961 in reply to DonV

I live near OHSU and go there for my prostate care. Dr Bergen is specifically a proste m.o,just had a televisit and providence st Vincent is another good choice. Both in portland.

I had a consult with Dr. Dawn Lemanne, MD, MPH in Ashland last year, excellent integrative oncologist. Oregon Integrative Oncology. She is not specific to PCa but very knowledgeable about cancer therapies. Unfortunately she does not accept Medicare or any insurance coverage so it would be out of pocket to see her for treatment.

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