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Advice for medical Onco in Northern California


Hi all, I am currently being treated at UCSF for pca. I have been incredibly happy with the urologic surgery and radiation group (really great), but my current medical oncologist is not up to par with the rest of the team. They have lost four oncologists recently and I am trying to get in for an appointment with Dr Eric Small, but they are kind of going down the path of “can’t change doctors.” With that, do any of you have any recommendations of a medical oncologist in the Northern California area that is innovative and willing to push the boundaries a bit?

Thank you very much either way!

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At Stanford, there's Sandy Srinivas.

Thanks a lot Tall_Allen, I just checked and she is in my medical network (which definitely helps). I really appreciate it and will check her out. Thanks very much again!


I'm being treated by Dr. Rahul Aggarwal at UCSF and I'm satisfied with him, despite for me what is a long drive.

Stickingaround1 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Steve. i appreciate you taking the time to reply. I hope Dr. Aggarwal is one who has not left the program. Thank you again!

It’s hard to beat UCSF for PCa services in Northern CA. I saw Dr Charles Ryan for a couple of years. Very busy but good. Tall_Allen had mentioned Dr Srinivas who I know of. If Kaiser Oakland an option then Dr Andrea Harzstark is very good. UCSF trained. I saw her there. I have friend who sees Dr Bradley Elkstrand in Redwood City and likes him. There are several in the El Camino hospital PCa support group that see Dr Shane Dormady in Mountain View. Good luck.

cfrees1 in reply to Arrayscout

Dr. Ryan was recently hired at the University of MN and I have asked for a referral to him. Do you recommend him? The YouTube videos he has online seem to apply to my stage and status so I think it would be a good fit. It would be great to hear from a former patient of his.

Arrayscout in reply to cfrees1

Yes, I would recommend him. He has a ton of experience, especially with advanced patients and he's at the forefront of leading treatments and trials. UCSF does a lot of PCa volume in Northern CA so I know that Dr Ryan was very busy. I think he was the number 2 guy at UCSF.

Blair77 in reply to Arrayscout

Who was the number 1 guy?

ctarleton in reply to Blair77

See also:


Thank you Arrayscout for the info. I appreciate it and it will help!

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