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Can common cold increase hot flushes?


Four months after the last 3 month lupron shot I have a common cold the last few days. Last night I had the most intense hot flushes. I thought I have a fever of 105, when my temperature was 98.3. Does cold increase the intensity of hot flushes from ADT?

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After 2 + years on Lupron I get the impression that anything that increases your body temperature increases the intensity. I've been lucky enough not to have a cold in that time, but warm temperature, hot drinks etc. have had an effect for me.

After 2 years on Lupron it sucks during the summer, I just drip all over the place. I warm drink or spicy food makes it worse . You just have to shower more and avoid long stretches in the sun or enjoy the a/c in the summer.

Yes, I have Found over my 20 years on Lupron that everything can be exaggerated by a cold, pain, fatigue and foggy thinking. And the darn cold lasts longer.

The most bothersome side effect for me has been sensitivity to the sun (I have a ranch.) That means cover up as much as you can bear. Of course, there is the expected side effect of muscle mass and over all strength. I try to make a game of getting around this, but I admit it can be frustrating. I am in my 7th year of Lupron so for the most part don't think about it. I will begin chemo infusion in two weeks so will have a new set of challenges. Good luck to you.

dac500 in reply to Shepard

Since you are going to have chemo infusion soon, does it mean that Lupron is failing?

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