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Hot flushes, how bad do they get


Some days they can be frustrating, even embarrassing when out in public but at least I'm alive.

I had the subcapsular orchiectomy last month and shouldn't need the ADT injections anymore, they have been brutal and hope the hot flushes are not so extreme anymore.

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I had an orch 9-15.. A few hands of edamame or some tofu is said to help. Good luck ..

Is it the adt that causes hot flashes or the lack of testosterone?

Zetabow in reply to 6357axbz

I hope it's more a side effect of the ADT (Diphereline) then these hot flushes will calm down by Feb.

gregg57 in reply to 6357axbz

The hot flashes are caused by the withdrawal of testosterone, not the method used to achieve it.

In general, they do get better over time for most people. I had one every half hour for a while. Most of time, it's every 2 hours on average now.

LearnAll in reply to gregg57

Firstly, I did not have much hot flashes ,...I had more chills. First 2 months on ADT, I felt it like 4 to 5 times in 24 hours. T hey used to come like waves worse from 10 am to 1 pm every day.

After 4 months, they are almost gone except mild ones only at night. But peoples experiences might differ

Hot flashes come from the part of the brain called hypothalamus.. It is like your thermostat is acting erratic.

Interestingly, people report that their hot flashes get much better after being on Anti Depressant medicines like Trazodone, Desipramine, Effexor etc. Now ,that indicates the origin of hot flashes is in the Brain.

tallguy2 in reply to LearnAll

Temazepam works for me.

LearnAll in reply to tallguy2

Temazepam is basically an anti anxiety medication and it also induces sleep. If it works for you...great !!

tallguy2 in reply to LearnAll

It stops perhaps 90% of the sweats and hot flashes foe me. And my wife likes that my attitude has been “adjusted” by this generic anti-depressant!

LearnAll in reply to tallguy2

Well.... Tallguy 2,

..Temazepam is not an antidepressant....It is an anxiety reducing

medicine which helps with sleep too.

You are sleeping better and your anxiety is low. .which translates into your "good attitude" which your wife appreciates.

tallguy2 in reply to LearnAll

My mistake. It’s the venlafaxine (Effexor) that handles the sweats, hot flashes, and attitude. Thanks.

LearnAll in reply to tallguy2

YESSS....Venlafaxine is an antidepressant and it is reportedly controls hot flashes,

Now, it all makes sense.

Zetabow in reply to tallguy2

I got some 5-HTP yesterday, maybe it will help.

Jimhoy in reply to 6357axbz

I believe that you’ll get hot flashes whether you do chemical or surgical castration, both ADT!!! Along with no libido, mood swings etc. that come with andropause. I hear you don’t see the “chemical induced”(?) side effects that can be a minor addition irritations to devastating!!!!

6357axbz in reply to Jimhoy

As gregg57 says here it’s not the adt causing the hot flashes, it’s low testosterone....

Jimhoy in reply to 6357axbz

ADT = (androgen (male hormones) deprivation therapy) and testosterone is the major male hormone. So its semantics wether you call it ADT or low testosterone because they are the same!!!

How you get there (surgical or chemically (permanent or temporary, respectfully)) and the differing SE’s was my point!!!


Finally we get to see what you look like. You’re pretty big and strong looks like to me. I think that you’ll adjust better in time or it just fades a bit with time .If I showed you a pic of my bro mike you’d see the resemblance .Your photo is a bit ominous however with the flood light shadowing your face. Hang in there .It should get somewhat better .😎✌️

The hot flashes slowly get less and less

I had a few bed soakers when I first started, but they've gradually gotten better over time in a three steps forward, two back manner.

Many of mine are like mini panic attacks, as I don't just feel warm, but suddenly frustrated and not content to sit still. I have read they're associated with a sudden and unneeded release of adrenaline, so it makes a certain amount of sense.

Well it's been 13 months and no sign of easing off.

Like General Douglas MacArthur said.... "they just fade away".......

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 12/23/2019 5:53 PM EST

NEVER ADT for me, instead straight up castration. Pretty much immediate hots and sweats that reduced to almost nothing 6 months after. Following treatments my doctor got me on Cypionate that shoots T to 1600 after shot and then a stabilized 400/500. If I skip a week it's down to below 300 and another week in double digits with sweats and flashes returning. Don't drugs take some time to exit system??? so maybe a double whammy until then.

Hang in there.

The next injection was due middle of Jan so end of Feb I wouldn't expect to see any kind of change, even then it may be a few months before the diphereline is totally out of my system. I don't expect hot flushes to go away completely, just hoping they wont be as brutal as they are now.

BTW, I am 100% sure that continuing my bicycling contributed to the lessening of effects. Riding 40 miles in 2 hours or less with 155bpm to 175bpm heart rate 3 times a week plus additional mileage to accrue 8,000 to 12,000 miles/year is a challenge for any average 50yo guy so being a mid 60's(yo) Eunuch kicks things up a notch.

This cancer got into the Marrow on both Femurs and caused a lot of damage. I tried to ride a bike this Summer to go to local shop with my boys, I got 100m a realized it was a really bad idea. I try and walk as much as I can but I have a lot of pain.

Extremely saddened :0( reading your reply especially knowing how much I enjoy the freedom of cycling. Since cycling is such a VITAL component in my QOL requirement for living I would try riding a recumbent equipt with suspension, motor assist and a foam lounge type support for reclining.

I like your approach. Focus on what you can still do and adapt as time and conditions change. I was once a long-distance runner, then had to move to the elliptical machine, and now am three years into lap swimming. I will do anything to keep up my aerobic exercise. And every time I start feeling sorry for myself because I am tired from the ADT or other treatments I get in the lane next to my buddy Irving, who shows up at the pool to swim laps and is missing one leg below the knee.

RIGHT ON!!! Never could "run" but began walking along with wife in a 5K at Disney World's January Marathon Weekend in 2010. Following year walked the 5K on Friday, 1/2 marathon on Saturday and Marathon on Sunday posting my marathon PR of 4:56:28 WALKING. In 2 weeks it will be my first MISSED MARATHON WEEKEND since 2010 due to bone on bone knees and it is definitely a downer but I have knees that allow for bicycling AND with my new shoulder I can finally swim forward.

No matter what happens to me I am still better off than ----- , so I have a little cheese with my whine and get on with life best can.

ROCK ON!!! tallguy2

And you, too, addictedtocycling! You are an amazing inspiration for all of us. My marathon best was 4:01:34 (for a guy who at the time weighed 205 lbs. not too shabby).

205!!! wow, Wow, WOW!!! way cool, an admirer of your feet ;0) and legs. u b @ 6' 2" maybe???

6’7” (25 pounds heavier 20 years later but still working out as best I can). Happy holidays!

lol Back at you and the best for a new year.

The hot flushes are caused by the same hormone as is the case for women during menopause. This is estrogen. The male body produces the estrogen it needs from testosterone. If you lower testosterone this also lowers estrogen. However, you can add estrogen without making the tumor grow.

If you use estradiol patches like women do, the hot flushes, bone loss and mood swings will be mitigated:

It is as bad as you let it--there are many things one can do--to ride this, instead of it riding you.


Get an estrogen prescription.

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