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damage control of Radio therapy


I am going to have RT coupled with ADT for Oligo metastasis....

Can our friends share their experience regarding the damage control due to RT...

I will have RT on IGRT/IMRT...conformal 3D etc....can be linked to Pet scan image

.. no proton therapy is available in my area in France....not sure also ....if it better than IGRT....

Any experience with SPACE OAR hydro gel... . to have Rectal prostate separation by 1 cm....

How to be sure of damages beforehand.....

Thanks for sharing

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I just started 5wks of IMRT, and had SpaceOar placed during HDR-BT about six weeks ago. I just saw an MRI image of the SpaceOar yesterday, and the RO did an excellent job of placement to provide separation of the rectum. It looks impressive on imaging. To help reduce radiation damage, I'm eating lots of healthy foods and ingesting some things I've read that sensitizes PCa to radiation-- Berberin, coffee, and some soy. The main thing with IMRT is to show up with a full bladder every day to push out the prostate from the rectum.

Ralph1966 in reply to timotur

I will have SRT next week. Are you taking Berberine capsules?

If yes, what are the doses 500 mg X 3 times daily?

Did your RO approved using Berberine?

timotur in reply to Ralph1966

No, I’m just self-dosed on Berberine, only guidance from MO was to cut out highly oxidative supplements like Vit C (natural forms ok). I use 1/5 tsp of the powder form daily with some peanut butter. I’m not really depending on it, but will take the benefit if it exists. Good luck with SRT next week.

GeorgeGlass in reply to timotur

Why does the MO want you to stop Vitamin C? Highly oxidative, what does that mean?

timotur in reply to GeorgeGlass

"The thought is that antioxidants may protect cancer cells from being damaged by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. We don't want to "protect" cancer cells."


GeorgeGlass in reply to timotur

Got cha. Makes sense

Investigate sbrt cyberknife radiotherapy as opposed. To imrt radiotherapy.

The space oar sounds like a nice concept, but I recollect there was some reason not to use it, but I forget what that reason was.

With the sbrt there is probably less need for it anyways.

My RO administered the SpaceOAR gel and I had zero side effects after 44 RT treatments. I can't definitely attribute that to SpaceOAR although I would like to think that it had benefit.

Do you still have your prostate?

I did RT and ADT after my RP in 2012. No real issues to talk about. Had one bad day after eating spicy food. Went to work every day. No such thing as that gel 7 years ago.

Best wishes!

Karmaji in reply to tallguy2

I am 79 years old

cancer locally advanced

Glieson 8...bon scan clean bur Choline Pet gave 2 tiny spots on pelvis bone...

started Firmagon....otherwise top health so far!!!

RO planning IMRT...THE protocol is not fixed yet..

My question is what precautions to take to avoid organ damage...

In France they dont like SPACE OAR...

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