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Yay! I made it to 62 today ❤️


Back story: Dx at 57 in 01/2015 with GL 7(4+3), Stage IV - Mets to L ureter lymph nodes, PSA @840. 30 months ADT, 15 Taxotere chemos got a nadir of 0.1 in summer 2017. Back on ADT, but PSA went from 3.8 to 4.3 this month. Gonna try some things and check again in June. Next Lupron on 05/31.

Back home in Hawaii seeing the fam and eating local foods I miss. Did the Hibiscus half marathon in my fastest time post Dx. Who needs Testosterone? No cares for now, no thoughts of mortality here 😊

Be well Brothers and Fight on✌️


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Happy Birthday to the most deserving and caring guy I know (cyberly 😉). Hope the family is celebrating wildly with you and Mahalo!!!

Congratulations Randy enjoy your day!!!

Sheri (cheerleader for you all now) 👍

Happy super Happy Birthday to you!!

Enjoy it. Every day is a victory🙏🎂🎈

Well done Randy,

Yup go ahead and enjoy. You deserve it...Aloha brother.

Take good care and my very best


Congratulations, brother...Fight on....



🎂 Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday!

Congratulations!!! You will make for many years more. Best of luck in the journey.

Happy birthday 🎂. And great smile AND shirt!

Live long and prosper! 😊

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! Great results, great attitude! Have a great time in Hawaii !!!

Happy Birthday! I was also diagnosed at 57 and just recently turned 62. Keep on keeping on!


erjlg3 in reply to greatjohn

Happy Birthday great John! 😊

Great news fellow warrior! I also made it to 62 today!. In early 2016 diagnosed with stage 4A Ductal Prostate Cancer, T3N1. Had surgery, radiation Lupron and Zytiga with prednisone. Overall doing fine but they found a “spot” in my lungs.

One thing in common is making the most out of life!

Happy birthday! All the great men were born today 62 years ago today!

( OK, there are also a lot of other great men born on other days as well. Let’s face it, we are all great!)

WSOPeddie in reply to Dr_WHO

Haven't heard from you in a while. Welcome back.

erjlg3 in reply to WSOPeddie

How do you do Dr_WHO ;) I just love saying that 😊

Happy Birthday To YOU!

Dr_WHO in reply to erjlg3

Thank you. Doing well but had a hard time of it. Sorry but still not ready to come back full time. Bless everyone here!

erjlg3 in reply to Dr_WHO

No worries Walt. You live and enjoy every second that you can! Blessings on both you and the Mrs.


benninger in reply to Dr_WHO

we sure have been missing you and praying for your safety,good luck

Dr_WHO in reply to WSOPeddie

Thank you. Doing well but had a hard time of it. Sorry but still not ready to come back full time. Bless everyone here!

Hi Randy,

I was Dx at 56 & remember 62 as a milestone (starting to get some of my Social Security contributions back). Then 65 (Medicare-eligible). And so on. Next milestone for me: 75 (I'm 71). Can't imagine going much further, but I have been lucky so far. I hope you will be too.

Best, -Patrick

Happy Birthday to you and Dr. Who.

Great! Keep on truckin'!

I was diagnosed at 63 yrs., had 42 radiations, in 2011 they found metastases and 30 more radiations and 6 1/2 years of Lupron (Eligard). Last Christmas Eve my oncologist called me and told me I no longer have cancer! What a ride for eleven years but I feel much better now. Happy Birthday and just keep truckin'.

Congratulations! Many more years to come!

Happy Birthday To You dockam and Dr Who. Love your , living life in spite of , attitude and lifestyle

Praying for many quality years for you both and many more candles on the cake ! Brothers- Keep fighting the beast !

Congratulations! Every birthday is another milestone in this fight against PCa. Hope you enjoy it.

You may now get your National Parks lifetime pass!

erjlg3 in reply to gregg57

Love that pass ;)

gregg57 in reply to erjlg3

That will be the first thing I do when I'm 62.

erjlg3 in reply to gregg57

You should be able to get it for being disabled. Elgie did before he was 62 :)

gregg57 in reply to erjlg3

I'm on SSDI, is that adequate?

erjlg3 in reply to gregg57

He was too ;) Hopeful it's still happening.

ctarleton in reply to gregg57

Hi Gregg,

Since you have already been accepted for SSDI on the basis of your metastatic prostate cancer, you already qualify for what is called an "Access Pass". See this link and expand the section called "Access Pass". You can pick one up at a park, or do it by mail for an extra fee.


Your SSDI Letter of Award for your benefits counts as sufficient proof. Example:


Your Pass will also be good for some others who may travel with you, and perhaps for other perks and discounts related to visiting sites with a motor home, etc.

Keep Living Large!


gregg57 in reply to ctarleton


A great day to celebrate !

Good to see you having a great time ...

Happy Birthday and many many more.


Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 05/30/2019 11:04 PM DST

erjlg3 in reply to j-o-h-n


Happy Birthday Randy, Dr_WHO and Happy Day to the rest of us. Enjoy.

Woohoo! Jumping for Joy!

My heart is smiling 😊

Happy Birthday dockam and Dr_WHO!

Birthday (((Hugs))).



Ooops, I’m a spouse. That went wrong.😷

dockam in reply to NWLiving

Lol, no worries 😘

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