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Pain relief needed

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How do you deal with medical system not wanting to give adequate pain meds? My pain clinic would only see me a few weeks later after I started having extreme pain in my back (they had started pain meds already from them when more cancer was found in my back). My oncologist wanted me to go to ER to find out what was going on and I did only to be denied any pain meds after they discovered that I had a large tumor on my spine in lower back as they insisted that I stay over night in hospital and see their specialist the next day. Since the pain did not occur when lying down like sleeping, I asked to have pain relief and let me see my specialist the next day. They listed me as AMA. My oncologist after the weekend (I had severe pain for three days when up moving around) finally saw the MRI results and prescribed the meds I needed and set up radiation sessions to deal with the tumor. I am having severe pain again after my first radiation session but my radiation providers only want me relying on the steroids they gave while I receive the radiation. The steroid helps some. How do I find someone or some service that will help me with pain which will be ever increasing as I have metastatic prostate cancer in my bones, liver, and other places. I have made it three years since my diagnosis which I am grateful for but I do not want to enter Hospice yet.

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If you are in the USA, and have not gotten adequate referrals for palliative pain relief from your Oncologist, Radiologist, or others, this search tool might help you independently find options for Palliative Care and pain management providers near you, whether in the Hospital, Clinical, or Home setting.

Good Luck!


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I talked with Hosparus Palliative care and they will not administer any pain meds but only give what other drs have prescribed. Once I am in Hospice, they then take over but I have to give up other treatments and be close to six months of living. thanks for the support. I will keep looking for other palliative care services in my area (Central Ky and Louisville) area.

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I clicked on your link and found Aspire Health Services near me that may be of help. I plan on contacting them further once I learn from my insurance how I can work with them and my oncologists and radiation specialist. Thanks so much.

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I had a couple of tumors on my spine. I found that an ice pack works very good to numb the pain.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I. have used the cold pack and alternated with a heating pad and both help in a small way.

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Did you try cannabis?

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I recommend it!

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My husband has Mets to his spine as well and finds relief from essential oils. Normally Doterra Copiaba or Deep Blue work the best, but sometimes he needs more help and I put drops of Helicrism and Lemon Grass directly on the area.

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Thanks for info

I’m sorry for the pain.. It is the enemy ... in my book.. I recommend the high thc medical marijuana oil..

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Thc green brownies or Demerol/morphine were my options 45 yrs ago with crushed back...preferred the THC. It let me function while it took pain away.

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Pain relief with opioids is a problem.

Apparently the research is that after about a week they stop working. And when over prescribed they generate their own mortality from addiction.

Many docs are very wary of prescribing opioids. After about a week they sensitise you to pain.

You may be more successful if you seek out non-opiod pain relief.

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Pain is a major problem for me also with tumors growing in the spine as well.

During the day I am able to get by on ALEVE taking 4 of the 225 mg tablets every 8 hours, give or take an hour. I also take a 5mg prednesone at breakfast or earlier and another 6-8 hours later befroe it gets to late as it will disrupt sleeping for me. If you happen to be on Zytiga you would already be taking a low dose steroid

At dinner I take a 12 hour time release morphine 60mgs which gets me thru the night and sometimes at breakfast to get thru the day as well but it makes ya pretty groggy and ya shouldn't be drivin.

Cannibas oil does not work for me as a reliable pain med as its to hit or miss as far as how long it takes to kick in and how long it lasts. Using suppositories (home made in molds with coca butter) is the best as you can avoid most of the High and it will kick in faster. I use a vaporiser to inhale a strain of oil that is more on the CBD side which will usually put me to sleep pretty quick when the pain is going into the night. I can get up to 3 hours sleep per vape on this. It definetly will make you high very quickly.

I also have an in ground hot tub (connected to my pool) which is very effective at stopping my pain almost instantly as soon as I submerge in it. I keep it at 102 degress and it runs up to 104-105 at peek. This is my go to when I am waiting for meds to kick in. I am in Florida so it is much easier to jump in and out repeatedly without worrying about getting ice cycles on ya!

The trick for me is to get on a schedule that works and take the meds regularly before the pain gets outa hand (when ya feel it breaking thru) There are also physical things that will aggravate the pain for me such as carrying even a small amount of groceries in a hand basket thru the store (use a cart always) Excessive walking is also an irritant. Feels good while doing it but it will haunt me with #12 pain about 6 hours later that only the hot tub stops, if you can stay in it.

If ya don' t have a hot tub, find access to one (local hotel) and try it out. If it works ya might want to seriously consider purchasing one. I have many friends whom have even purchased preowned ones at substantial discounts from reputable dealers. The jets don't really matter its the heat and release from gravity that does the trick.

Good luck!

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