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We got good news!!!

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My husbands PSA finally dropped by ~50% within 2 weeks!!!!! It’s at 111.8 right now! He had a good initial response to hormone treatment, then lingered for almost 2 months with only slight decreases. In mid December, Zytiga was added and that seems to have really made a big difference. He had to stop taking Zytiga yesterday because his ALT was getting very high, but we hope to restart it next week.

I was so surprised that I ask them to double check that they were looking at the right patient record!!! First good news we’ve gotten for a while. God is good.

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Great news - and hoping the positive momentum continues.

Good news to start the new year....Glad for you....Keep fighting....

Good news!!!

Hooray! What a great start to 2019!

Fantastic news.. continued progress.. Praise God..

Awesome news ! I think you can celebrate.

And it will continue to go down. Thank you for sharing the wonderful news. Keep us posted of his progress.


Great news!!! So happy for you guys!!!...

j-o-h-n------->fist bump<-------Monkeymamma.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 01/04/2019 4:51 PM EST

Fantastic news to get the new year started!

My PSA dropped 90% in first 6 weeks on Luprine after climbing 20% in 6 weeks after prostatectomy. Glad to see he is having positive results to his hormone treatments now.

Great news! Zytiga seems to be working for my husband right now too. Will hope your husband's PSA continues to decline!

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