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PSA Velocity

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PSA velocity - I'm post SRT along with IMRT ( 40 hits )

Started Lupron on 5/2/17 was on it for about 1 yr - the last injection was 2/2018

All along that time my PSA was Nidar

Just had a PSA test on 12/17/2018 - and it was .19

So that could mean a 14 basis point increase if Nadir is .05 or less.

In term of PSA velocity --- could that be considered ok?

Dr didn't seem concerned, said we'll check again in 6 months

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PSA doubling time requires 3 PSAs, all above 0.1.

Tall Allen - TY Allen again - are you clinical - appears u r.... so my 0.19 has to double again to .38 and that .38 would then double to .76? Do I have this correct?

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