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Generic Zytiga

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After being on Zytiga for the past 5 months, my latest 30 day delivery arrived today. Instead of receiving the Janssen product, I got the generic version produced by Apotex. I checked my plan info, and found that the $10,200 monthly retail cost for Janssen is $8,300 for Apotex version. Thankfully, my out of pocket is $0.

I thought that the generic would have been a lot cheaper, but clearly not in this case.

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Walgreens quoted me generic at $ medical center pharmacy said $4500. With generics just coming on the market it will be a while before prices settle down. Lawsuits have started to be filed against generic manufacturers alleging they see the market as a big “sandbox” and collude with each other to play in it and carve up the market. Google generic drug lawsuits and you should find some recent articles. Generic is being spelled GREED.

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GoodRx lists it as much cheaper than what your insurance company is listing.... Insurance company is probably listing that price for tax those who must pay....use saves a lot on prescriptions...

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I have been on Zytiga for the past 8 months with PSA of 1 and holding. T is basically non-existent since my last Firmagon in February 2018. Medicare and Plan D supplement is being charged an average of $10K/month and I received help from PAN for the co-pay. Next bottle is due in 2 weeks. Will the supplier provide generic automatically and charge less, or do you need your Onc to allow this? Thanks.

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HopingForTheBest1 in reply to Cmdrdata

My provider provided the generic version automatically. I will discuss with my MO at my next appt.

I did send an email to my MO today, and he responded it should be ok.

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bluephi in reply to HopingForTheBest1

Does the generic Zytiga by Apotex work as well as the Jannsen version of Zytiga?

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I was getting Zytiga from the specialty drug pharmacy at the cancer center. The cost before insurance was ~$10,000 / 30 days. Now at the same pharmacy, the cost before insurance of the generic version from Apotex is about $3,000 / 30 days

Yet my co-pay after meeting the deductible for the year, etc. only went down from about $500 to about $300 per month... WTH?

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Once a month I get a call from the specialty pharmacy that supplies my Zytiga, to schedule the delivery of my refills. This time they mentioned that they are sending me a generic instead. I quizzed them on it. They said they already got the approval from my MO and my insurance company.

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Hi...I was reading your post on Zytiga. You mentioned that your insurance company Optum rx covered the cost. I have Optum Rx as well. I am in the process of starting Zytiga. When I looked at my plan with Optum rx, my cost would be $2344 per month. Luckily I have a supplemental insurance policy that will help with the cost. My question is did Optum rx cover the entire cost for you?

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HopingForTheBest1 in reply to bluephi

Yes it did. I may have a more comprehensive plan which is thru my wife's school district. Also, I am not yet on Medicare. Not sure if that would have changed things.

There is now a generic for Zytiga, which may be less costly.

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Thanks...I am a retired teacher. My plan thru HOPS is Hop medical with basic rx. Did your plan cover the more expensive version of Zytiga or just the generic?

My plan initially covered Zytiga for several months, and then automatically switched me to the generic. Both covered.

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