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Made it Through 1st Week of Chemo


My treatment so far has been a loading dose of Fermagon and a week down of taxotere. I have at least 6 week cycles of chemo scheduled. So far so good no real symptoms that have changed my normal routine. No nausea, no digestive issues, no hair loss yet, no change in energy levels. I realize I'm a newbie and only into this long battle for a week but I'm positive so far. I keep a daily log that helps me rate things like energy and symptoms and possibly make sense out of potential environmental influences. My only suggestion for anyone going through chemo is clean your act up as much as possible. I have been "anal" in eating clean and exercising every day. I particularly feel the exercise triggers some reaction that really makes me feel good afterword. Good luck.

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Today also marks one week in to my first Docetaxel infusion. Had one day where I was a zombie with headache and slept something like 18 of 24 hours. I walk the dogs an hour every morning and am a little pooped after that. Best of luck to you!


Great attitude! Hang in there.. Great things are possible!


Please keep us up to date each week so we can encourage you through the process. So many men on this site can help you with what helped them get through the infusions. Stay strong, be brave, have hope!

Great to hear 😀 you will have ups and downs but chemo worked for me. Fight the good Fight. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Exercise is a key during treatment

The pleasure centres are activated when we exercise

Endorphin release

Stay positive

You are on the right track

Sounds like you got this about as good as somebody can, good attitude, good diet and good exercise,keep it up.

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