High ALT level after second round of chemo

I just had my blood tests done for the 3rd round of chemo. All the tests were within the normal range except the ALT which was 95. It was in the low 70s when I started chemo, went down to 44 after the first round and is now 95. I've read that this is not an uncommon occurrence with chemo and the chemo nurse called me and told me to come back in week to recheck.

But when I got home, I got an e-mail from my MO telling me she is referring me to a Gastroenterologist and wants to do an ultrasound on my liver. I'm really wondering if this is a necessary test at this point. I like the hospital I'm going to and my doctors in general, but I'm just curious if any others have had this high ALT during chemo. My inclination is to wait a week and retest before jumping into more testing, doctor visits, etc.

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  • How was your AST, Bilrubin, and alk phos? An ultrasound is a reletively simple testI went to A Gastroenterologist when I had ast in the upper 200s with triple dose casodex. I asked if ursodiol (which Myers used to use as a liver protectant) was advised , He said it was the only thing advised, so I Iwould also ask your gastroenterologist about ursodiol. I would go and kudos to your MO for wanting to protect your liver. since then on all the drugs used standard of care APC I have never had a liver problem , my numbers are at lower end of normal.

  • Thanks Dan59. Not sure what my AST is now, but alk phos is 97, Bilirubin is .8 both in the normal range. When I spoke to the chemo nurse, she said AST was O.K. but didn't give me a number.

  • those numbers seem good. I understand not wanting more Doctor appointments, as I am doing chemo and the 3 weeks is like a time to forget about cancer. Ludwick used to talk about the importance in having a bowel movement every day in keeping liver numbers down and I know when I get chemo I am usually constipated for a few days after so I take ducolax to get things going, I wonder if you have this problem and may be cause for high alt, just a thought. Docetaxel/Taxotere is primarily excreted through the liver.

  • ALT jumps around with minor liver infections, which chemo must cause. Unfortunately, I know you can live through ALT of 4300. At 95, just watching it seems prudent.


  • My ALT came down from 95 to 73 in a week so they gave me my third round of Taxotere chemo. It feels good to be back on track. Preparing for a few "crash" days ahead and hoping I'll get through as well as the last ones.

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