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Shorter time castrate resistant = Zytiga and Xtandi will last even less than first line ADT?

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Not always the case, my father became castrate resistant in 2 months with Casodex but is currently on almost his 5th month on Zytiga and doing well so far, so if you fail first line ADT it doesn't necessarily mean that 2nd line ADT will last less. Every patient is unique and responds differently to different drugs.

I was wondering if someone is on the same path as my father, where second line ADT lasted more than first line ADT.

Thanks in advance.

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Not me. Primary ADT lasted 3 months before I became castrate resistant. 2nd line therapy (first Cosodex then Enzalutamide) had zero effect on PCa progression.

But glad to hear that Zytiga is working for your dad, I hope it keeps going for him.

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Dalph87 in reply to Hazard

I thought Casodex is considered first line ADT? Maybe you meant Zytiga? Anyway sorry to hear it didn't work for you, what treatment are u having and what GS you have? Just curious.

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Hazard in reply to Dalph87

Hi Dalph I certainly meant Casodex and Enza sorry for any confusion about first line and 2nd line therapy. Now that Enza has failed completely I am pretty sure that I won't be able to get Zytiga.

I am also chemo resistant I am at Peter Mac in Melbourne this week to discuss what clinical trials I can join. I am hoping to get onto Lutetium 177 trial but of course this is randomised - you get Lu177 or cabazitaxal. Since I am already resistant to docetaxal I am not sure if there is any point trying cabazitaxal but let's see what MO has to say.

Oh yeah my GS was 7. As I wrote in another post GS means nothing to me. A colleague of mine GS9 got 4 years of remission on enzalutamide I didn't even get one day. GS may be a useful risk indicator in early stages but it appears to me that it's pretty meaningless once you join the advanced club.

Good luck and keep fighting for your dad.

You haven't cited Lupron (aka Eligard). I have been on it for six years. The first three 1/2 with Casodex. I am not yet resistant.

Great question, I've heard there same response to 1st adt therapy med laying the longest. After 90 days and a new mets to pelvic bone, have started Zytiga/predasone. I guess we'll see how effective 2nd generation art is!!

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