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Jevtana Time

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So latest scan shows three nodes on the liver, each about 2.5cm. Numerous smaller mets throughout folds.

MO has put me on Jevtana starting next cycle, 2 weeks from today. I know this is first cousin to Docetaxel, which I just completed 11 rounds this year, following 6 in 2016 after Dx.

Wondering who has used this chemo, and how much success you had with it.

SE's seem close to Docetaxel, maybe not quite as severe.



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I've only had docetaxal not jevtana so can't offer any advice but do wish you the best outcomes with new treatment. 11 rounds of docetaxal is a big effort keep fighting.

Hi ontheroad589,

Been in this battle for six years, so please see bio for complete treatment history.

Was diagnosed with multiple liver mets 1 year ago and immediately began chemo with Docetaxel/Carboplatin for 6 cycles.

PSA dropped from 10.8 and liver lesions diminished in size.

Rechallenge with Xtandi then worked for about 7 months, but now PSA is rising, new liver lesion identified, and facing second round of chemo once I rehab from spinal surgery (gift of 6 years of ADT plus radiation).

Long response to say my MO's choice of chemo drugs was different when dealing with liver mets plus lymph node mets, and after all available drugs and radiation were already used.

Best wishes. Never Give In.

Mark, Atlanta

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