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I have to start worrying


I am 52 years old. Diagnosed on 08/17. My markers were very high PSA 1350. Much extension in my bones. Treated with Zytiga + Prednisone. The markers have been going down to 0.17 in the last three months.

Today after revision the PSA has risen to 0.19. And the bones do not clear up

My doctor says we're doing well. But the small oscillation of PSA has worried me. Is my concern reasonable?

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I'm also 52, diagnosed in 8/17.

I wish my PSA was as low as yours. I get it checked again tomorrow. Hoping it will be 2.1 or less.

We're all different, but none of us ever gets to stop worrying. But, I feel good today, and I'm going to feel good tomorrow. The sun is shining. I'm going to find something fun to do today.

That's not much of an answer. No one can tell you not to worry. But don't let the worry stop you from enjoying life to the fullest.

Bon dia.

How did you know it was catalan ???

Your answer has helped me a lot. There are times when I lose sight of the real situation and I expect something more.

I hope everything goes well tomorrow. And if you ever need help, I'll be here.

In one of your previous messages you said you were from Barcelona. I was there for a couple of days recently. I'd love to spend a year there eating tapas. La Sagadra Familia was unbelievable.

Take care

KingRasP in reply to RustyDakota

Actually that’s a great answer. This PC can cause us so much worry, anxiety, depression and fear... that is if we let it. Do listen to RustyDakota and breathe and strive to get out in nature, hydrate, eat healthy and be grateful. Gratitude has been a great modifier in my life and my hubby’s life. In this battle since 2/14/11. Not giving up without some fight. Best wishes and healing, comforting prayers for you and loved one. 💚🙏🏽💚

joancarles in reply to KingRasP

Thanks KingRasP !!Good luck

That is an excellent response! You can safely ignore the second decimal point. As long as the bone metastases do not get worse, the Zytiga is working.

Thanks Tall_Allen!!

Lots of guys here would love to see PSA below 1!!!!

I have found that the Alkaline Posphatase numbers rising will give me a much better idea of any "storms" on the horizon. PSA fluctuates up and down from week to week and month to Month even when you are "stable" atkes a series of readings to indicate a rise or drop in the trend. I recently got mine all the way down to 5 (from over 100) doing 12 weekly 50mg doses of Doctaxel just to see it rise again to 17 over the next 3 months after going on a 2 week schedule with the chemo. Alk phos got as low as 40 and life was very good during that time. Now back up over 200 (since switching to 2 week schedule because of side effects) and still climbing and the pain becomes "disruptive"

2 years now since Diagnosis simular to yours at age 56.

Enjoy the good days as they come and do the best we can on the not so good days that will be part of our lives most likely forever now. Doctor keeps telling me to stop worrying about the PSA so I have. Less stressful that way. Keep an eye on the Alk Phos!

Just another tidbit of info, my Doc wanted me to do the Doctaxel from the beginning because of the bone mets at the onset. I was dead set on not having to do chemo and boy was I wrong. Especially just 5 months later when I became CRPC. Over that next year my existing mets tripled in size and the number increased beyond count. If I had to do it all over again I would have been more aggressive with the upfront treatments once I reached the CRPC stage to save the bones!

Waiting on word to get into the LU-177 trilas here in the states now!

joancarles in reply to Grandude

Thanks Grandude !!I will follow your advice.Good luck

u went from 1350 to less then 1 thats great. usually u don't get it to drop that much. what i would do is start PROVENGE treatment now that your psa is low. were u ever tested for a high psa??? i was tested each year after 50 and when i reached 5.7 got biopsy then lupron/eliguard shot and after that radiation.

Thanks charlesmeyers1964!!I I will ask about Provenge .Good luck

to joancarles: Enjoy Life! Remember to laugh.

¿Qué hace una abeja en el gimnasio?


Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Friday 09/21/2018 1:51 PM EDT

I wish my PSA oscillated at those levels. Once the cancer is “out and about” PSA is not as much a factor as where it is. My PSA went to 71.8 before I started Docetaxel after Zytiga, but only located in lymph nodes. Some cancer cells express more than others.

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