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Creatine and BCR

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Hello, New here.

Have had a good 8 year run with <.64 PSA on my yearly tests. Last one a few weeks ago came back at .12 so I guess its BCR time. Gleason 4x4 with 20 psa at surgery. Was treated at Mayo in Scottsdale in 2010.

Before prostate cancer I used to hit the gym pretty hard. On work out days I would drink a protein drink with a spoon of creatine.

I am thinking about starting at the gym again to keep in as good shape as I can while dealing with BCR. Is there any adverse effects of using creatine with BCR?

Also another question concerning posting to this forum, noticed it is for advanced PC. Would BCR be considered advanced PC?

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I highly recommend the mayo clinic website’s discussion of creatine. There are risks especially for the kidneys involved in taking creatine. Be very cautious with this substance.As you probably know this is very popular with weight lifters and bodybuilders, and some track athletes who see performance pay off’s from taking it.

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dave2 in reply to CalBear74

Creative can increase IGF-1–so if you are using this supplement I would monitor IGF-1 and aim to keep it well below the high end of reference range. Cancer patients are better off without added stimulus of growth hormones.

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