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Has anyone heard of this? I’m a member of another prostate cancer forum and this has come up. There is a man on there that has had really great results adding this into his treatment plan. I’m wondering if this may be something I should look into for my dad. Any feedback is appreciated.

I’m also curious how cancer is being looked at as a metabolic disorder and not from genetic mutations. See link below

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So the 4 drugs are a statin, metformin, doxycycline, and a antihelminthic (niclosamide?). You can probably get scrips for statins and metformin from your oncologist without paying $2390. Doxycycline MAY inhibit cancer stem cells, but it is unclear what role, if any, they play in prostate cancer. In any case, there have been no clinical trials for doxycycline. There are 2 ongoing clinical trials for niclosamide with either Xtandi or Zytiga at UCDavis. There was a Phase 1 (dose finding) trial of niclosamide for which the authors concluded:

"Oral niclosamide is not a viable compound for repurposing as a CRPC treatment."

kaptank in reply to Tall_Allen

"oral niclosamide is not a viable compound for repurposing as a CRPC treatment" This is quite correct. The problem is that niclosomide is designed not to get into the bloodstream orally. It is passed through and designed to target gut parasites. Pretty much insoluble in most media. I tried making a paste of it with DMSO (dimethylsulphoxide) and applying it on the skin. DMSO is a solvent of many things difficult to dissolve and penetrates skin and nails, taking along with it the things dissolved. To be used with great care because anything on your skin (or dissolved) gets into your bloodstream. I concluded that it was of no help. It made me smell bad but no effect on PSA after about a month.

Frigataflyer in reply to kaptank

How much DMSO are you using I am taking 1tsp orally daily before liposomal Vitamin C and have yet to smell (i think)?

ITCandy in reply to Frigataflyer

Do you drink the DMSO straight or mix it with water? I’ve had a bottle of this in my cupboard for awhile and haven’t done anything with it yet.

Frigataflyer in reply to ITCandy

I drink it in about 8 oz water. It is not pleasant.

I just added about 5 drops to my vitamin C drink this morning.

ITCandy in reply to Frigataflyer

Glad to know that it can be mixed with juice. Thanks for the tips.

kaptank in reply to Frigataflyer

As you say, DMSO not pleasant to take orally, so I tried making a paste with the niclosamide and applied to skin. That's what caused smell. I concluded either way it had little effect. There is no point to taking DMSO by itself, I know of no evidence that it helps. The problem with niclosamide is that its not very soluble, even in DMSO. While there is research to find a version of the molecule that can be got into the bloodstream, whether those variants can be effective against PCa is unknown. I conclude that its not viable at the moment and can't recomend it. I definitely do not recomend taking DMSO orally. You just don't know what else it will carry from the digestive system into the bloodstream. As a chemist I was taught to handle DMSO very carefully, not because its toxic by itself but for what it can pick up and take through the skin barrier.

j-o-h-n in reply to Tall_Allen

Next time you go to Vegas take me with you. You're a sure bet!

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Friday 08/24/2018 2:34 PM EDT

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