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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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I have a recent diagnosis of very advanced prostate cancer, Gleason 8, with pelvic lymph nodes and multiple bone mets including pelvis, vertebrae, femur and ribs. Had first dose of Lupron and PSA went from 148 to 16 within 2 weeks. Anticipating local palliative radiation to neck, and either docetaxel or abiraterone. Seen at University of Pennsylvania and 2nd opinion at Memorial Sloan Kettering. May also go to Hopkins or Dana-Farber. Any recommendations on who to see at those centers?

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I see Michael Carducci at Hopkins. Been with him for 11 years.

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Thanks for the recommendation.

At memorial ask for dr. Scher’s team. He rarely sees patients now, but his team is cutting edge and aggressive. He’s the one who’s been doing a lot of multimodal therapies there with some success.

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That's helpful. I'll look that on their website.

John, since you were at Penn, why not try M.D. Anderson in Camden, NJ? I am well taken care of by my Onc who specializes in PCa. At the present, my quality of life is very good.


At Dana Farber - Dr. Mark Pomerantz. At Sloan Dr. Karen Autio.

We see Geynisman at FoxChase in Philadelphia and love our team. My husband has very similar diagnosis to yours. You can see details in my profile. I do need to update. We went to Penn, Jeff, and Foxchase when we were first looking. All gave us the exact same treatment plan and advice. They also all talk. Planning a trip to MSK this year just to see if theyd say anything different.

At Johns Hopkins, Dr Emmanuel Antonerakis. Involved in clinical trials, has published many research papers, and wonderful bedside manner.

Well to one john from another j-o-h-n, you've apparently been to MSKCC but if you haven't been to the Main location at 68th street near First Avenue, then I would recommend my Oncologist there: Dr. Michael Morris. You can view a couple of dated youtubes from MSKCC sort of featuring Dr. Morris (great guy btw).

Good Luck and Good Health.

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