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Hi all. Happy Sunday to you. We are pretty worried over here. Zytiga was no longer working for my father and his psa was climbing pretty rapidly. His oncologist decided because to enter him into a clinical trial involving Xtandi. He was ordered to stop prednisone and Zytiga. The clinicians in the trial do not have him scheduled to begin until mid August. In the interim, he is now having extreme pain in his back and hip which ibuprofen is no longer covering. He’s concerned about tumor growth in this waiting period. We’ve reached out to the oncologist but have not heard anything back yet. Has anyone had a similar experience in waiting for new treatment? Is there a risk in this? Thanks in advance for sharing your experience

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Has your father been imaged lately? Has the doctor discussed palliative radiation? Other pain strategies?

He had scans and they showed that some spots had improved and there were a couple of new ones. It’s been two weeks since the appointment and it is getting worse. Hopefully the oncologist will get back to us today. It’s scary

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The squeaky wheel always gets the most oil. Insist through the office staff that your Dad's Oncologist call you right away. Tell them "he's in terrible pain, call me today or explain why he can't."

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Good Luck and Good Health.

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