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Xtandi and alcohol


I have been taking Xtandi for over six months. It has reduced my psa from 3.4 to 0.19.

I exercise most days so the effects are limited, however my tolerance to alcohol has diminished. I'm only talking about a few beers two or three times a week after playing walking football. I generally end up with a headache, which is spoiling my social life.

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Simple solution, quit drinking beer after your walking football games. Drink it before.


I was just discussing this with my friends. My tolerance is definitely down and lose the taste for it after 2. Might have to do with healthier eating and some weight lose too. As much as I love beer, I'll trade it for a cure!


Interesting. I had to give up booze when I was on taxotere and most surprisingly didn't miss it. Now I'm off chemo and on Xtandi, my tolerance has diminished but so also has my desire. I don't want a drink as frequently as I used to. The booze bill is way down, though I still like my wine with dinner.

Solution: Smoke a joint.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 07/18/2018 5:08 PM EDT

One dark beer or one glass of wine one a week. Not much consumption while on Xtandi 120 mg dose daily.

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