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Link between ovarian and prostate cancer


A while ago I read an article (need to find the link) that if mother had ovarian cancer sons have increased risk of prostate cancer.

This was the case with my dad: his mom had ovarian cancer and both he and his brother prostate cancer. By the same analogy I have increased risk of ovarian cancer.

Just curious: anyone has similar family history? If so, did it affect treatment choices?

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Biggest link is Breast cancer to Prostate Cancer---but understood any Cancer that is involved with Hormones does/can link to Pca.


My mother had breast cancer. I had stage 2 breast cancer in 2004. Had a radical mastectomy and 4 months of chemo. Plus 5 years of tamoxifen .

2016 I was diagnosed with Gleason 8 PSA 12 Stage 3 prostate cancer. Had DaVinci removal of prostate. Had persistence PSA/it never stopped. 38 radiation sessions 3 months later. Still fighting and trying to figure out the next moves??

2017 I have had genetic testing done and am fortunate to find that there is no gene being spread to my son , grandsons or granddaughters.

The folks at genetic testing time were interested in the combo breast cancer /prostate cancer. I didn't hear anything about the tie between ovarian and prostate. Who knows.? honestly I was shocked when I found out I have prostate cancer after having breast cancer. Good luck to you on your hunt and journey!!

There is a genetic research facility attached to my cancer hospital and a couple of years ago they were looking into the link between ovarian cancer and prostate cancer. I have heard nothing since that time but I may ask now that you have reminded me about it. Although neither of my parents died of cancer it was thought that my Dad could have had pc but he was so unwell at age 88 we decided not to put him through all the tests and he died at 89 of other causes. My grandparents did have cancers and died relatively young by today's standards - but, as far as we know not ovarian or prostate cancer. My late wife had thyroid cancer at 40 and died of ovarian cancer at age 57, her brother died of pc at 67, her sister has also had thyroid cancer. If any link is found I would be interested as I am the father of two sons just in their 50's so have made them have PSA tests and urged them to be tested regularly.

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My fathers brother had both PC (cured by surgery) and thyroid cancer. And as mentioned their mother had ovarian cancer. I will try to google and find the reasearch where I read about the (potential) link between the ovarian and prostate cancer.

Very interesting. My grandmother died from ovarian cancer and now my dad has PC. However, we did genetic testing and didn’t find any genetic data that would suggest a link.. however, genetics is still developing and a gene linking the two diseases may yet to be discovered!

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