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Any experience with doxycycline, proton pump inhibitors and or zinc strategies


OK, so wondering about off shelf treatments and reports of results in the anecdotal real world of patients. Came across some citations about Proton Pump inhibitors as a way to change prostate cancer cell pH environment, softening up the cells so to speak. Also wondering about Doxycline and whether anyone has had measurable PSA knockdown with this adjuvant. Also, was wondering if anyone has knowledge about Citrate metabolism and means of forcing Zinc back into Pcancer cells(ZIP1 receptor manipulation?) . I know this sounds a little esoteric, but there seems to be a theme that almost all normal prostate cells scavenge zinc, while prostate cancer cells do the opposite.

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Proton Pump inhibitors reduce gastric acid, but can PPIs really increase the pH anywhere else in the body? Seems unlikely to me.

I posted something on doxycycline 2 years ago & there was another thread 6 months ago. Search on <doxycycline> to view those old posts. It's an interesting topic.

I take 50mg zinc citrate daily. Some are wary of zinc supplementation & I once wondered whether it was even worth bothering, since PCa cells inhibit uptake. But then I read:

"... therapeutic strategies based either on Zn(2+) chelation or administration of Zn(2+)Cit may be effective in attenuating prostate tumor growth."


1. PPI's have really bad long term effects.

2. Whenever people start talking about alkaline, I usually send them to It's pretty darn hard to manipulate pH levels in the human body outside the GI tract.

So is your alkaline strategy based on any clinical trials using control groups?

I've taken an acid reducer called omeprazole for many, many years. It didn't stop me from developing prostate cancer. I am exhibit A in assessing the effectiveness of this approach. It doesn't work. Get real treatment.

So to add on to this thought. Some of literature on PPIs refers to using it like a short term sensitizer with some toxic agent say 24 hours later. Here is a link to a veterinary site. I knows it VET medicine, but hey they can do some interesting research/therapy in that space.

I believe there is some thinking out there that Metaformin, or even insulin can be used in a similar way. Have no idea if there is any human, albeit anecdotal evidence for these kinds of regimes.

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