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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Doctors in Chicago?


Hi there,

I’m scraping together information because my 68 year old Dad was just diagnosed (17 psa and no Gleason yet, but mets found somewhere. He is being tight-lipped to protect his daughters. Biopsy soon).

Does anyone have any recommendations for doctors or hospitals doing good work for prostate cancer patients in Chicago?

Prayers to you all,


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Maha Hussain at Northwestern is among the top medical oncologists in the world. She has been involved in the testing of many breakthrough therapies.

Cynthgob in reply to Tall_Allen

She is amazing!

Maha Hussain at Northwestern was my oncologist while she was at U of Michigan. She is recognized as one of the best in the world.

I have an appointment in May with Dr. Alicia Morgans at Northwestern. I found her through Dr. Myers.

Pierreb in reply to Ran2599dy

My Dad sees Alicia. We really like her.

We go to Cancer Centers of America in Zion ILL just outside of Chicago. We see Dr. Pisik.

Dr William Catalona is a surgeon at Northwestern. He was instrumental in developing the PSA test. Don't know if he still does surgeries..he did my Dad's back in 1993. I'm sure his group is top notch, he is very passionate about Prostate cancer.

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