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Hi everyone.

So Paul was in hospital for a week from last Tuesday until yesterday. This was because his pain medication was changed from MST to Methadone. The first couple of days were difficult, but now he is much better and this chronic abdominal pain - which is not cancer-related - is much better.

We went to see his oncologist this afternoon to discuss the CT scan results from Monday. Unfortunately, Docetaxol (Taxatir) doesn't seem to have had any effect whatsoever on the cancer. The oncologist said that Paul's biggest problem is the liver because the cancer is growing very aggressively there and not responding to treatment. He is changing Paul to Carbo Platin now. He will have infusions every three weeks. I asked if Paul could take the combination of Docetaxol and Carbo Platin, but the doctor believes that this would be too hard on Paul's body as he was already struggling so much with Docetaxol. He also said that Carbo Platin is our last chance, as far as he can see, and that, should it not work, it would have to be palliative care only from then on.

We are heart-broken. So desperate. This really has to work now.

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  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Paul...

  • Thank you.

  • My heart is crying for all that you are both going through. I couldn't stop the tears from welling up in my eyes reading your pain. This has to work...

    Sending hugs, love, peace and prayers Mel and Paul.


  • Yes, Jackie, it really has to work!!!

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you and Paul, and that the Doctor can find something else that will work.


  • Thanks, Dan.

  • Thank you so much all for your prayers and good wishes.

    We are hoping that treatment can start again on Monday.

    And, if it is true what they have found in Germany in recent years, which is that Methadon helps with Chemo, well then we might be lucky.


  • Hope the change in chemo will bring some relief to Paul's condition.

    Sending my prayers to both of you.


  • Thanks, Sisira.

  • Much love and prayers for success. Shelagh took me to St Etheldreda's on Tuesday after hospital. My favourite church. The oldest Catholic church in England. I used to go when I wrote for Universe & Catholic Times in Fleet street just for quiet prayer. Said many on Tuesday all for my friends.

  • Thanks, David, for your post.

    We hope that this will be working.

  • That's lovely, David. Yes, we need to take these quiet times for prayer and good wishes. I do this a lot too for everyone here.

  • Sending thoughts and prayers that it works


  • Thanks, Nick.

  • Ask the doctor to speak with a breast oncologist and get an alternative chemo if the CP doesn't work. Has he been considered for a Parp Inhibitor or possibly one of the trials using LU-177. See the blog post at on Cancer ABCs.



  • No, he hasn't been considered for one of those treatments. In fact, the doctors in Germany whom we asked said that LU177 is not working too well for people with as many liver mets as Paul has. I look at the blog post now.

  • Agree with JoelT---PARP or Lu-177---Need to know Gene Mutations, to choose right PARP.


  • And where would yyou go to find out about gene mutation?

  • Foundation One--Go to Google get their 800 number---call: you will be immediately be talking with a Cancer Advocate, who can explain everything.


  • Sorry to hear Paul is not responding to Docetaxel. Often when there is resistance to Docetaxel, the doctor will switch the patient to Cabazitaxel as a second-line Taxane. Carboplatin is often added in cases where there visceral metastases like Paul. But I can see his doctor not wanting to do that if Paul is having a really hard time with Docetaxel.

    Hopefully he can tolerate the treatment of Carboplatin and it is effective against his liver mets.

    Wishing you both the best and sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.

  • Yes, Greg, that was exactly the oncologist's thinking that it would be too much for Paul to take the two.

    Thank you for all your good thoughts.

  • My husband had extensive liver mets at diagnosis in October 2015. He was given both docetaxol and carboplatin right away for 6 infusions. This combo worked right away and he has done well since. The liver mets shrunk and have been stable since. I pray this works for Paul.


  • Hi Betty.

    Thank you so much for your post and for your good wishes.

    I just wish we could do the combination as well, but the doctor thinks it is too much for Paul's body. And he is probably right as Paul is already fighting hugely with fatigue and weakness.

    I hope your husband will stay stable for a long time.


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