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Info about metaform and TAK-229


I've had this postrate cancer that is in my bones for 8 years now. some of the drugs that I have taken are Lupron every 6 mo,Xtandi,Xytiga{the best for 26mo],Radiation,Chemo three types includind Carboplatin,Doxitel,etc Xofigo. Now with not many choices, a clinical trial with TAK-228. Has anyone had experience with this drug? If I try this, I will be the first at MD Anderson here in Houston

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Sorry all it is Metformin and TAK 228

All I have in my files is this:

Let us know how it goes.

Here's some data, including reported side effects, from an earlier dose-escalation trial of TAK-228.

They may be trying it now in combinations with metformin to see if a combination might reduce any elevated blood sugar side effects?

Good luck. Keep us posted.


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