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Dr. Nalakrats On The now Worthless Zyflamend

Dr. Nalakrats wants us to contact Shulick the President of New Chapter and complain about, how in their effort to save money, the new reformulated Zyflamend no longer works. Of course I have my doubts that it ever did. IMO Nal should have also pointed out to Shulick, that not only does Zyflamend no longer work but has a possible side effect of increased tooth loss. Nal said the tooth loss is no big deal because his diet consists of protein shakes and 24 supplements a day. Also, could the other 24 supplements have caused the excessive tooth loss and not the Zyflamend. Who knows? Even though Nal said the tooth loss is no big deal his daughter is real worried and thinks the supplements may also be causing accelerated aging. Nal's daughter sent me the pic below and asked for my opinion.



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Gus do me a favor write a scathing e-mail--it will be appreciated---will take you 3 minutes?




Dental Floss anyone?

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Thursday 03/22/2018 2:20 PM EDT


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