Advanced Prostate Cancer
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New here

New to posting but have been reading for a while. This is an excellent site for advice and support

My husband was diagnosed with advanced prostate with widespread bone mets in October 2014, started on Zoladex with Bicalutamide added after a year. PSA went from 700 to .4 where it stayed for 2 years.

It has begun to creep up, was 4.5 at last test so Bicalutamide has been withdrawn to see if that has any effect. If not then oncologist has recommended that he starts Xtandi.

I read that lots of people seem to be doing chemo early on in their treatment and am wondering if we should be looking at this. Next appointment is 14th Feb.

My husband has never had any pain and remains active, 67 years old. We're in the UK

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Hi LB100,

I understand all of the questions that cross our minds on what treatment to do, with the hope that any decision that's made is going to be the best for our husbands to keep winning this fight. My husband cancer metastasis to lymph nodes PSA was 8.7 on July 2017. He started ADT, Zytiga and Prednisone on September, PSA dropped to 0.1 He decided to do Chemotherapy. The first Chemotherapy was on January 19,(I wish I can say he's done)

Not advice, but just a summary of our story. The best to you and your husband. Stay strong!




Ask your Oncologist about Chemo and is he up to speed on the early use of it with Zytiga.


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The difficult part of this disease is figuring out and deciding on the many different treatment options and even doctors to enlist. This site can be very helpful in sorting out the different strategies and even recommending facilities or doctors close to you. Good luck.


Welcome LB,

Did your husband get any Lupron or Eligard when he started his his other drugs?

I was Stage 4 at diagnosis with one metastatic lesion to pelvic bone in May, 2015 and have been on Lupron/Eligard + bicalutamide continuously for almost 3 years with so far (Thank God) undetectable.

After a discussion with my oncologist, I decided to add chemo (6 cycles of docetaxel every 3 weeks) around Thanksgiving last year. I just finished my 4th infusion. According to a recent Chaarted follow-up, the benefits of chemo for hormone sensitive, oligometastic guys like myself is very limited. But it does have a significant benefit for men with higher volume disease, so it could be of benefit to your husband.

Best wishes to you both as you continue your journey.


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