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Is anyone else on the Enzalutamide and LY3023414 clinical trial?


My husband has been on the xtandi phase 2 trial a short time and his PSA is dropping. It went from 21 to 3 in ten days. So far, so good. The fatigue and bone pain have increased. It is not stopping my husband though. I am looking to compare notes with someone else on the trial

Thank you to all the people who respond to others on this site. I am a fan and pray for all of us here.


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I'm sorry to say that I haven't joined that trial, but I will be following, because it's one that I have considered.

I’ll keep you updated on the results of PSA andscans.

My husband in another trial and it really drives me crazy not knowing how the rest of the study is doing.

I feel the same way. Plus, I would love to know if he has the placebo or mystery drug. Although I need to remember to be grateful something is working for my husband and there are trials.

What other support are you getting? This is such a cruel disease. Taking all testerone seems so cruel .

Since husband’s diagnosis I started taking an antidepressant, citalophragm and saw counselor I saw a couple times. I prob won’t continue after my six sessions paid for by insurance are done. How are you coping?

I have a grief counselor provided by a cancer center. She has been pretty helpful as she knows about cancer. But this is so hard. My husband seems so different . He was always so virile . It seems to have changed his personality . I miss him. This is just such a cruel cancer . But the goal is to keep him alive. He’s doing relatively well. We think he will be back on his bike and playing doubles tennis after this chemo done. Three more weeks. Thank you for asking. How long have you had diagnosis? August 1 was ours.

I’ve been on it now. Xtandi for a year, don’t like the bone pain but the PSA is staying at .005. So it’s doing it’s job. Good luck

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Larry...had you failed Zytiga?

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No my treatment for stage 4 went like this. 6 rounds of chemo with a blood chaser next day, lupron and Xgeva shots monthly. Then when the chemo was done I went on Xtandi with lupron and Xgeva . I’m leaving out of coarse the nausea meds,prednisone,and misc other stuff the my chemo brain try’s to forget, basically I have been medically castrated.

Hope this helps Larry

Step and Cynthia. My wife has also went to see a counselor, it helps. The doctor also pu5 me on Effexor to help my moods. It will take a while for the chemo to wear off and the cloud on there memory’s to come back ,but every day gets better

Thank you!

Thank you, Larry.

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