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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Tell a Prostate Cancer Friend to Join our Group

Our group is magnificant. Each week, I get one or two emails from a spouse or doctor saying how helpful our Advanced Prostate Cancer group has been for their loved one or patient. Sometimes someone writes that they will "pay it forward." Obviously, donations to malecare.org/donate are VERY helpful. BUT, equally helpful is encouraging others to join us, here on healthunlocked.com We see about 4 or 5 new men join us per day....wouldn't it be great if we could double that. It would be super if each of us "get" one new person per year to join us. The newly diagnosed have healthunlocked.com/prostate... and we have healthunlocked.com/advanced... . Our conversations here extend lives, increase happiness and sooth the pain so many of our brothers feel. Please, let's build on that by encouraging more men (and their loved ones) to join us.

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Hi Darryl,

I've found Health Unlocked to be an enormously valuable source of information & mutual support. Also, I "met" another patient on the site who has been very helpful, & he convinced me to attend local advanced prostate cancer meetings that have been valuable, including a medical oncologist via teleconference.



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