Moving from advanced prostate group

Hello Everyone,

I am..... I hope..... one of the many moving over from yahoo advanced prostate cancer group. I don't like change ;-) I do the research for my husband Elgie who has prostate cancer and he is miraculously in remission at this time. I hope to see all of our chosen family from our other group and blend in with them and all of you here :) Glad to meet you all.

Most sincere,


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  • See, Jackie, that wasn't to hard to "move over" from our earlier forum!

  • Whewww......Chuck ;-)

  • Change is definitely difficult. I am new to the whole support group so I welcome you.

  • Thank you so much for the welcome Jonlaco. So sorry you have to be here.

  • Jackie, Glad you are here.

  • Joel! I was looking at the PCRI brochure, and see that you ran a breakout session. Cool.

  • Thanks JoelT :)

  • Welcome to the new group Jackie, Glad Elgie is doing good


  • Thanks so much Dan :) We hope you're doing well also. 

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