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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Paul's Bloods Prior To Sixth Round Of Carbo

Hi everyone.

Paul's blood results at the moment are as follows:

RBC: 3.38 (normal range is between 4.5 and 6.5)

HGB: 9.8 (normal range between 13 and 18)

HCT: 30 (normal range is between 40 and 54)

RDW: 23.0 (normal range is between 10 and 16)

TP: 64 (normal range is between 54 and 83)

AST: 47 (normal range is between 5 and 34)

ALT: 25 (normal range is between 0 and 55)

GGT: 430 (normal range is between 12 and 64)

LDH: 274 (range between 125 and 257)

ALK: 293 (normal range is between 40 and 150)

What do you all think of these results?


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What about his wbc and his anc?


WBC is 7.5 and normal range is between 4 and 11.

And whatever the ANC is we don't see it here.


The most important infection-fighting WBC is the neutrophil (NEW-truh-fil). The number doctors look at is called your absolute neutrophil count (ANC). A healthy person has an ANC between 2,500 and 6,000. The ANC count in basic terms is an indication of a persons ability to fight off infections.


Thank you for explaining that. I can't see the ANC anywhere on the sheet. But I am sure it's fine.


I would also keep an eye on the Bilirubin in case there is a problem in the "biliary tree". It is one of the last indications to rise if there is a problem, but good just to keep an eye on it. Not to give another thing to worry about, but best to address it early if it happens. My dad had a billiary obstruction with advanced PCa so unfortunately, I have some experience with it. Here's some information on it:



Thanks for mentioning. The doctor said it was fine.


I have gone through 16 Chemo infusions. The numbers you sent seem consistent with mine. I am not sure about all. Just watch to check that the trend is in the right direction. He will always be enemic so blood numbers will be below normal.


You have gone through 16 rounds of Carbo Platin. How does your body take it? How are you coping with the tiredness? And how is your liver now?

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The Mets in liver are shrinking slowly while those in bones are stable. I am tired but no more than after the early Chemo infusion. I fell last month and am recovering. I find I am less stable after infusion so stability is a problem

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Oh, we are sorry to hear about your fall and hope you will have fully recovered soon.

We will keep you posted about Paul's results. CT and bone scan are some time at the end of next week, I think, so that will be interesting.

The liver mets have gone down sloly while the bones seemed to have been more or less stable from what was visible on the scan; however, the cancer has to grow somewhere because Paul's PSA is at 300 now.



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