Top doc's top story - STAMPEDE

Here's a note from Alan W. Partin, MD, PhD, Chief Urologist and Director of the Department of Urology at Johns Hopkins. He's a famous research scientist known for the Partin Tables among other things. He thinks the STAMPEDE trial that showed the superiority of ADT (e.g., Lupron) + abiraterone (Zytiga) over ADT alone is the top story in prostate cancer for 2017.


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  • Since I am on this protocol, I obviously agree with the doctor.


  • Thank you Alan

  • Considering how many of us are now on Lupron and Zytiga I would agree.

  • Thanks a lot Alan.


  • Trying to get Zytiga added. Wish me luck.


  • Good luck!

    Maybe showing your doc the note from (TA-DAAA) Alan Partin will help convince him.


  • Darned PSA went up, now above 0.2, but made it easy to get Xtandi added to wait and see what it does....


  • I am lucky . That is my treatment hoping and praying. Wishing everyone good health.

  • It is also my initial treatment I’m very thankful for the ability to have this drug at diagnosis. 👍

  • I started this as a clinical trial about 7 months ago along with a test medication (apalutimide). So far my PSA dropped from 18 to 0.6, my lymph nodes shrunk to normal size and no cancer cells identified in blood stream. I hope this works for a while!

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