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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Nutrition and Prostate cancer vid

Just watched this and it's very informative:


Fight On - Randy

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What did you conclude? Or gather?

I really liked the equation Calories In = Calories Out + Calories Stored

A different way of looking at the interplay between energy storage and fatigue.

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He reinforced my way of approaching my PCa. I cut back sugars, stayed exercising, I do a bunch of fruits/veggies, whole grains. I don't check the food source of the meat. I have stayed away from poultry, eggs and dairy. I've lost weight after the ADT when I got to 166 - now at 150ish. Still fast from 9pm to 1pm and I use tomato paste in my broth while fasting.

I've always assumed that diseases were genetic and environment - his final quip "genes load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger" is along the same lines


Cute, memorable, but is it helpful? Is he part dufus?

How is it helpful to say a burst appendix is genetic.



Thank you for posting the link for the prostate video - What we think we know, vs. what we know." Very informative!


I have seen the film twice. He doesn't say much. Equivocates about meat (It's OK, as long as it comes from grass fed animals.) He tells us that he is in the midst of testing whether or not the Atkins Diet would be effective against Pca. I read that Atkins was attempting to do the very same thing, but was unsuccessful. I think you have found a work-around: caloric restriction. I have stated in this forum that this seems to be the most effective of the dietary approaches. I still do not understand your comment "Still fast from 1pm to 9pm." Does this mean you do not eat anything after lunch? What about after 9PM?"


Oops, I meant to type fast from 9pm to 1pm the next day :-) . I sip tomato, curry veggie broth


Hi Kuanyin

I would appreciate your input.

I am not like Randal for he is a legend.

Going back to my case history.

28 October 17 had cystoscopy to correct right ureteric blockage and a stent implanted until now.

1 day hospital stay then with antibiotic 7 days. Suffer constipation and take 2 tablets lax tab day 2 and day 6. No fasting and restricting food. Eat meat , prawns rice etc, I do have big appetite.

27/11/17 PSA 16.43

10/12/17 PSA 19.93

Again apart from my treatment plan intake of food still consuming fair amount of meat regularly.

Do you think with my current Stage 4 PCa. What do you make of my PSA reading?



Sorry to be so late responding to your email but I have had some computer issues. As to your problem, in all honesty I cannot comment on your condition. I am not a physician and, therefore, unqualified to provide you with any advice. If your current doctor is unable to satisfactorily answer your questions, then, perhaps you need to consider a second opinion. I sincerely wish you the best of health!


Hi Kuanyin

Thanks for taking time to reply.

You have use s Chinese name and very familiar as you once use terminology " Rice bowl " I am a Chinese but grew up in Malaysia.

Your input so as Alan, Patrick, Richard to name s few had really been helpful and I hope I can stay on my course.

Earlier was bored and visited Star Casino. Only spent an hour there. I am still enjoying and I did not lose this time.

Have a good holiday if you are having one.


I have tried to stop eating meat but that is a tuffy when it has been in my diet all my life. so I eat meat like its the smallest thing on my plate and more Broccoli and other veggies. after watching the video I plan on getting the grass fed beef but still small amounts. its weird, as long I get a little taste with some A1 steak sauce it works. I still do eggs but take away the yoke and eat the rest. Allspice with a piece of whole grain toast and apple butter. I read here that Allspice has some kind of natural ingredients that is good for the prostate, so I looked it up and found out there are a lot great reviews on it. I tried to take out some of the bad foods but I basically reduced the bad stuff and replace it with good foods, but not totally eliminating. I read marinating the meat over night also reduces the carcinogens. so buy organic meat and marinating it can be a plus for us to enjoy.


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