Early Christmas Gift

Early Christmas Gift

I saw my Onc earlier today and said I continue to do well. My PSA was 0.2. No change of treatment just Lupron quarterly and xgeva. I asked him if there were new drugs in the horizon and said confidently YES but not yet approved. We discussed subsequent treatment should the PSA starts rising, he said there are many and even do chemotherapy again, but he said the chemo will be years away. I hope at least a minimum of 10 years. He doesn't see my PSA rising anytime soon. This was a great Christmas gift. He ordered a DEXA scan of my hips and pelvic to check for osteoporosis. I just want to wish my brothers and sisters on this great site a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year. I hope to meet some of you face to face in 2018. I live in the Philadelphia area. I get treated in MD Anderson in South Jersey.

God bless us all,


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  • Very happy for you, keep up the good work!

  • Thank you Nameless. Please continue to write on this site. I enjoy reading your posts. They are uplifting, inspiring and motivating.

  • For people like you, I will.

  • Hope I'm on the list too.

  • You know you are Gregg.

  • I guess I am not on your list.


  • Ah come on Nalakrats, I'm the nicest guy in the world. My problem is that most people don't catch on to my dry sense of humor. I deeply appreciate your posts.

  • Well then may God shine his light upon you and your dry humor. Happy holidays.


  • And the same to you. Please don't take my smart alex remarks to your posts personal. I wish I knew half what you know about this BS stuff called prostate cancer.

  • No offense taken--some days are better than others, as you would know.


  • The question is: Are you naughty or nice?

  • Both.

  • We're all in this together my brothers. Any posts or updates in our progress are worth reading.


  • Depends, on circumstances-- Yet I ask God often to keep me from evil so I cause no pain.


  • Well, my advice is this: So be good for goodness sake. And MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!!

  • Hearing one of my brothers doing well is a Great Christmas Gift! Keep going strong!

  • Thank you Dr WHO


    Merry Christmas.


  • Merry Christmas Yost and your family

  • Merry Christmas. Couldn't ask for a better present. Thanks for sharing the good news. I am glad you have responded so well to treatment and hope you continue to respond well for a long time. Are you checking your PSA every 3 months? That's what I am doing now.

  • Gregg, yes my PSA gets checked every 3 months now. I don't see my Onc again til March 2018. He ordered a dexa scan which I will do in late February. He will go over it in March which will mark my one year anniversary of diagnosis and initial treatment. Our most recent PSAs are low so that's something to be feeling good about. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.


  • We are pretty much on the same schedule. I just got my 4th shot on Monday and saw my doctor, next time I see my doctor will be in March. One year anniversary for me too in March. My PSA is slightly higher than yours at 0.33 but still very low. It can fluctuate a bit so I'm not concerned at this point.

  • Absolutely wonderful news and a fabulous Christmas blessing nicnatno! Thank you so much for sharing your happy news.

    Jackie 😊

  • Hi Jackie, Merry Christmas to you and Elgie.

  • Merry Christmas to you also nicnatno☺

  • Maligayang Pasko to you too....

    j-o-h-n Saturday 12/09/2017 12:56 PM EST

  • Good one j-o-h-n. Salamat


  • Hi Nicnatno

    Well done on your recovery. I have replied on your post a few months back.

  • And may the Holy One of Israel Bless you for your blessings for us.


  • In my fifth year, psa at .04. Doc happy with remission, merry Christmas to all and a happy new year with many more to come

  • That is great Crmp55. I hope to duplicate your success.

  • Amazing news!! You can really enjoy Christmas and relax for a while. I too had some good news (for the first time) they don’t want to see me for 3 months which feels fantastic. Let’s all stay in the moment and enjoy being here with our loved ones. The smells, sounds and decorations seem even more beautiful since diagnosis, I appreciate everything. Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for everything you write. 👍

  • Thank you Apollo. We have many years left according to my Onc. He even said we can possibly do chemo again but that will be years from now. I finished my 6th and final round in July of this year. My PSA had been 0.1 since June. I drink 2 cups of green tea a day and an avocado 4x a week. Here's to good health my brother.


  • Nick, I saved the postings from yesterday just so I could read again about your good holiday news. So happy to hear that you are responding so well to the treatments. Is it age, attitude or acceptance that increases the benefits of one's drug regimen for aPC? Just musing. Anyway, enjoy this wonderful Christmas present!

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