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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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New to this site

Hi everyone, im new here but not new to PC. In late 2010 i was diagnosed with stage 4 , Gleason 7 (4+3) with a PSA of 44.

Had 39 radiation treatments and started eligaurd immeadiately. A year of that about drove me bonkers. Hot flashes, moody, depression...you name it. So they switched to lupron for the second year. I elected to stop the shots then and my PSA shot up to 4 from .01. Well that ended that short break!

From then on I've been on lupron and it worked up till october of this year my PSA jumed to 3.7. I go back for a 3 month test and visit first part of January. To see if it rises again and set up a plan of attack.

This has been a long road mainly from lupron or as some say simply lack of testoserone.

That's my story....


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Welcome to our group! You will find a lot of good insight here and a group of really caring folks ready and willing to help.

Are you familiar with the recent studies that recommend either early chemo or early Zytiga plus prednisone (both in addition to continuing ADT)? These new treatment protocols came out of the Stampede and Lattitude studies. If interested in more info, just ask and someone will post a link. Or you can do an internet search and find them.

Let us know what’s on your mind and we will all try to help you! Or at least offer words of encouragement!

Good luck with your journey!


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Yes i have been reading up on it. I think i may sway to the zitiga first and see wjat happens but ill talk to my med team before making a concrete decision. Thanks James


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