Spinal stenosis in neck

My husband was diagnosed early this year with Prostate cancer all Gleason 9 and 10 with widespread bone mets. Treated with surgery on prostate plus chemo and hormone suppressors. He's now experiencing severe stenosis in his neck region and must have a fusion surgery on his vertebrae there. 6 months in a neck brace. Wondering if anyone else has ant info on this. He feels well and looks well just nerve pain from the stenosis. The chemo and other treatments were done by August and the Drs said we are stable. Thanks in advance this site has been extremely helpful to us.

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  • I don't see a relationship between the cervical spine stenosis and PCa, but one never knows. I have had both, and have had the stenosis "fixed" twice, once long before the PCa and once 5 years after. The second time was not a repair of the first, jthe condition spread to other locations. I currently have a metal plate fusing C3,4,5,6. In both instances I was out of hospital with no brace and only minor restrictions until the muscles they had to cut through healed. The surgeon's comment was "I fixed it so that there's nothing you can do to break it". Indeed I've had several joint replacements & surgeries at that centre and I've been up and mobile within 24 hours each time. So my reaction to your report about your husband is that I hope you are getting a second opinion from a centre that specializes in orthopaedic/neurologic work. -- Without knowing the specifics, my sense is that the treatment offered is kinda "old-school".

  • I have been having pain with cracking noises in my neck for almost a year since I started ADT but didn't associate

    with the the metastatic in my T10. Your information is an eye opener and will draw Oncology's attention to this on my next visit in January 2018.

    Thanks for your contribution

  • ADT and calcium supplements given for osteoporosis cause stenosis in heart and neck. My father had a stroke after starting ADT. Take K2 MK7 and D3 and you may escape surgery

  • I hope you get good news and feel better soon

  • Stenosis is more a function of his lifestyle. Improve posture and get of recliner when watching tv. Do some stretching of middle back.

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