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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Advanced pc

My dad was diagnosed with pc in December 16, after having hormone treatment and being told he will have radiotherapy, he had kidney failure and has had a double naprostomy so treatment was put back. after waiting 3 months and several appointment at the doctors for severe stomach pain my dad decide to ring the hospital to ask why he hadn't heard anything, they gave him a next day app for ct scan and sang him next day to go in to see consultant. The consultant explained that the C had spread to lymph nodes and bladder and said he needs to start chemo within the next week. I asked why it took for my dad to ring to get seen and the consultant replied "whether we would have seen him 2 months ago or 2 weeks ago, things would be no different, I've never seen it spread this rapidly and aggressively in the years I've been working here" I feel my dad has been let down and I believe if he would have been seen sooner then things would be so different. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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Ohhhhh, My prayers for your DAD and YOU, family as well. THEY say early detection is best, IDK I was told I had 6.4 PSA in FEB of 09 and asked if I could get the surgery in august for personal reasons, they said yes, by august it had doubled and spread to my Lymph Nodes as well, I found this out after they cut me open of course, they left my prostate in and started me on androgen therapy. that has been very successful thus far, and i believe that it will continue to be, however, the meds we take for cancer cell supression also cause very bad health issues as well, I contracted High BP, and diabetes because of it but you know what? I changed my diet and exercise regimen and all of my numbers went down to non detectable, I still take the meds and a Lupron shot every 6 months, but I function really well. the side effects from the meds is what pisses me off, I sweat like I run marathons at a moments notice, actually runners would be shocked at how much I sweat, so dehydration happens often, I get nausea and malaise, but it does pass, so overall, Id put my quality of life at a 6 only because my external stress level is close to zero. ehhhh whtcha gonna do, rite.

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Sorry to hear. Firstly tell your dad not to panic (easier said than done I know). I was also diagnosed with stage 4 pca in December 2016. Psa was 212. Had chemo and lupron and averaged 1.1 all last year.

Your dads diet can help him along with a bunch of natural supplements. Eat organic and cut out sugar as much as possible and find a good oncologist that you trust.

I can go on but that's the key points. Positive attitude and good support will help you and him.

All the best


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Cancer does spread rapidly at times. My cancer was confined to my prostate and then spread though the lymph system in a short period of time similar to what happened to your dad. Chemo (Taxotere + Carboplatin) is what I am on now along with ADT. Start the chemo ASAP do not wait any longer.


Do you live in the USA, by your writing, seems like you are in Europe?



My psa was 7 I went with removal, new robotic surgery now I'm cancer free some side effects but I can live with them


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