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Prednisone helps with Taxotere side effects, but...

I've been taking 10mg of prednisone daily with the Taxotere (Docetaxel) chemo. So far, it really seems to help wth side effects but appears to be making my ADT hot flashes worse. And they are already pretty bad to begin with. I discussed this with my Doc and am now only taking it for the first few days. Stopped taking today (day 4 since infusion). Is anyone else taking Prednisone with their chemo? Just curious to know what others are experiencing.

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Hey Greg, I take dexamethasone the day before, during and the day after chemotherapy. Not sure why but my MO prefers it to Prednisone. I think it helps with chemotherapy side effects as they get worse when I stop the steroid. My hot flashes are no better or worse. Cheers Paul.

I had the same regime of Dexamethasone during my 10 cycles. Had a 5 month breakbefore Zytiga plus Prednisolne 10 mg daily. My neuropathy worse! 5 attacks since 4am this morning now 8am. Very tiring but nil side effects from Zytiga.

I just finished almost 3 years of Zytiga with prednisone. The prednisone caused easy bruising. We cut the prednisone from 10 mg daily to 5 mg. The bruising wasn't as deep, & the liver function numbers stayed excellent.

Hi guys. I did a chemo trial almost 14 years ago run by my Medical Oncologist who was in academia, a professor and researcher of Prostate Cancer. I'll share what he told me. Dexamethosone helps with nausea. It didn't work fir me so I took Zofran. I also took 30 mugs of Prednisone (30 mg in am and 20 mg in pm) because it is unique in that the drug Prostate cancer cell killing properties when ttsken with chemo. It enhances the powers of Doxirubicin and Taxotere, the two infusion chemo agents I took. I also took other orals that as has prostate cancer killing properties as well; like Erustimine, Ketoconazone, and Vitamin C.

Keep kicking the bastard,

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My husband's chemo started with the prednisone then taxotere, 6 infusions 3 weeks apart. Zofran standby only used 3 times. His chemo was effective and tolerated better than he expected.

I also did both the dexamthasone during my 9 cycles of taxotere, and prednisone throughout. My mo told me it helped my body tolerate the chemo. I doubt it caused many problems. My hot flashes are way worse now, 6 months later.

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I also am on dexamthasone with my taxatere, but get mine in higher dose IV just before chemo. Prednisone 5mg twice a day. Found out by accident that one of my muscle relaxers (Cyclobenzaprine hcl 10mg) really cut back on my hot flashes.. Guess this back ache I've had for 46yrs now is good for something. One ibuprofen, one cyclobenzaprine, one clonazepam 2mg and I'm good for 6 hrs. sleep. Best sleep I've had since starting Lupron and chemo..


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Wow, I took Cyclobenzaprine for my back during chemo. It turned out to be great for the first few days of chemo. It helped with pain and sleeping. Maybe I'll try it for hot flashes. Mine are getting pretty awful.

As for prednisone, my MO put me back on it 2 months ago to help with my hot flashes. Didn't really seem to work, but I only lasted on it 3 weeks. Turns out, A LOT of my side effects I attributed to chemo were caused by prednisone. Hope I don't need to go on that again. I'm actually taking a break from lupron after next month, we'll see what happens.

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